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Kilometers of sandy beaches

Along the west coast you find broad sandy beaches, rolling dunes and the blue water of the North Sea. On many of the west coast beaches access by car is allowed, something quite unique for beaches in Denmark.
The landscape on the west coast is dramatic – if you follow the coastline northward from Løkken you will pass Rubjerg Knude, where the lighthouse is expected to fall into the North Sea before 2020. Continuing north you come across a desert-like landscape – the migrating sand dune Råbjerg Mile. At the northern tip of Denmark, called Grenen, the waters of Skagerrak and Kattegat meet and here you can literally stand with one foot in either sea.
On the east coast you will find that the sea is calmer and the water is more shallow compared to the west coast, and child-friendly beaches lie here like beads on a string from Skagen to the Sæby area.

Holiday homes near the beach