Rental terms

Here you can read about the rental terms and conditions for our holiday homes in Skagen, Frederikshavn, Sæby and Hirtshals.

1. The tenancy contract
The tenancy contract covers the holiday home as described on the homepage. The tenancy runs from 3 p.m. (weeks 28-32 at 4 p.m.) on the day of arrival until 10 a.m. on the day of departure. The key must be collected at the Tourist Information Office (for address, see the Tenancy certificate) at the time mentioned above (unless otherwise agreed). Please note the opening hours of the Tourist Information Office and contact us if you expect to arrive after the closing time. The key is to be returned to the Tourist Information Office on the day of departure along with payment for your electricity consumption at 11.00 a.m. The house must be vacated at 10 a.m. (9 a.m. by ordered or mandatory final cleaning). Deposit will be returned within 8 days after departure – provided that the property has been left in a clean condition and there were no damage/problems during your stay. A pet fee will be charged per pet. There will be charged a fee for lost keys DKK 250. Have you lost the key please contact the agency immediately. The Tourist Information Office reserves the right to charge an extra fee of DKK 500 for late departures. Extra charge for pets is DKK 140 per pet.

2. Terms of payment
1st instalment: 50% of the total rent must be paid within 14 days of the contract date.
2nd instalment: the balance must be paid not later than 8 weeks prior to the arrival date.
If your order is received within 8 weeks of your arrival date, the total amount must be paid immediately.

3. Charge for electricity consumption
Electricity consumption must be paid on the day of departure at the rate of DKK 2,90. When you collect the key you receive a form on which you fill in the meter reading on arrival and departure.
The power supply is 220V, standard European socket (type C). British guests should bring an adapter.

4. Cancellation in case of illness or accident
All tenancies include a compulsory cancellation insurance. This insurance covers cancellation in the event of the tenant or the persons accompanying him or her or their spouses, children, grandchildren, parents, siblings or grandparents dying or suffering a serious accident or acute, serious illness. Cancellations due to chronic illness are not covered by this insurance. Pregnancy and consequences thereof are not regarded as illness. A tenant wishing to cancel must contact the Tourist Information Office immediately and at the same time send a medical certificate with diagnosis along with the tenancy certificate. The medical certificate must be received at the Tourist Information Office before the commencement of the tenancy. In case of a valid cancellation the rent minus a administration fee of 4% will be refunded. No refund can be made after commencement of the tenancy.

5. Cancellation besides the above mentioned
Cancellation for other reasons than illness or accident as set out above can be made according to the following.
A. Up to 90 days before commencement of the tenancy: a cancellation fee of 10% of the total rent - minimum DKK 400 will be charged.
B. 89-45 days before commencement of the tenancy: a cancellation fee of 25% of the total rent - minimum DKK 400 will be charged.
C. Later than 45 days before commencement of the tenancy: No refund. If the holiday home is relet, the rent will be refunded deducting a cancellation fee of 35% of the total rent - although minimum DKK 400.
Notification of cancellation must be made directly to the Tourist Information Office and the tenancy certificate must be returned. The tenancy certificate can be transferred unchanged to a third party provided that the Tourist Information Office is notified in writing before commencement of the tenancy.

6. The holiday home
The number of persons occupying the holiday home must not exceed the number of persons indicated in the description. Tents and caravans are not allowed on the grounds. Reservations for youth groups and the like are only valid when expressly stated in the tenancy certificate. The tenant is responsible for cleaning the holiday home before departure. The holiday home must be returned in the condition in which it was taken over. Any cleaning necessary will be made to the tenant's account. The tenant is liable compensation in respect of any loss of furniture or effects or damage to it during the tenancy. Any such loss or damage must be reported / paid for before departure at the Tourist Information Office when handing in the key. If any damage, malicious damage or considerable violations of obligations is noticed by the Tourist Information Office during the tenancy, the Tourist Information Office is entitled to demand that the tenant is evicted without notice or compensation.
Pets (dogs or cats) are only allowed if indicated in the description of the holiday home. Dogs are not allowed to run loose. In some of the holiday homes cats are not allowed. Please note that the holiday homes are privately owned and therefore decorated and equipped according to the owner's personal taste. All distances given are approximate and usually as the crow flies. The holiday homes contain mattresses - often foam rubber mattresses in standard dimensions (175/190 X 70/85) together with duvets and pillows for the maximum permitted number of persons.

7. The tenant
The tenant must take out his own insurance against personal injury or damage to personal property for himself and those accompanying him.

8. The Tourist Information Office
The Tourist Information Office accepts no liability for sudden damage to the holiday home (power/water failure and similar) or for any occurrence of pests (wasps, ant, and mosquitoes etc.) in or by the holiday home. Please note that allergies can break out even in houses where pets are not allowed. The Tourist Information Office accepts no liability for situations arising as a consequence of strikes, lockouts, oil- and petrol rationing, closing of frontiers, war, epidemics, nature and pollution disasters, construction noise or other forms of force majeure. A refund for this is excluded. The Tourist Information Office reserves the right to increase the agreed rent proportionally in case of an increase in VAT, changes in official exchange rates and similar.

9. Complaints
The Tourist Information Office must be notified of any damage or deficiencies in the holiday home within 24 hours of commencement of the tenancy or occurrence of the damage. The Tourist Information Office must remedy any damage or deficiency as soon as it receives information of it. If notified later than mentioned above, the Tourist Information Office cannot be held liable for any damage or deficiency. If damage or deficiency notified within the time limit mentioned above cannot be remedied during the tenancy, the tenant is entitled to a pro rata reduction. The Tourist Information Office reserves the right to move the tenant to another similar holiday home. A breakdown of a dishwater, washing machine, microwave oven or similar, or television or radio will not entitle the tenant to a reduction of the rent. Similarly, bicycles, boats etc. are extra equipment and have no effect on the rent charged, so fault and deficiencies in them can never warrant a reduction. No other compensation of any kind will be paid.

10. Deposit
If you have paid a deposit when renting your holiday home, this will be returned to your bank account (this is why we need your bank account information) within 8 days after departure – provided that the property has been left in a clean condition and there were no damage/problems during your stay.

Electricity and water consumption costs cannot be deducted from the deposit.

Deposit is mandatory for certain holiday homes, and the amount varies from house to house. See the property description form more information. The deposit amount, where applicable, is between DKK 1,000 and DKK 5,000.

Important: remember to provide your international bank account information (account number, SWIFT/BIC and IBAN) in the contact form given to you at arrival.

11. Danish law
As the holiday home is situated in Denmark and it is covered by Danish law of property, Danish law shall settle any legal dispute.

In the unlikely event the Holidaymaker may have cause for dissatisfaction, the Holidaymaker should contact the bureau Toppen af Danmark - Feriehusudlejning and provide details of the complaint - clause 9.
If the Holidaymaker is unhappy with the responce, you can file a complaint with the Complaints Board
Holiday Rental or via the EU's complaint platform

The Tourist Information Office make reservation for erros and changes


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