Rental terms

Here you can read about the rental terms and conditions for our holiday homes in Skagen, Frederikshavn, Sæby and Hirtshals.

1. The rental agreement 

The rental agreement includes the holiday accommodation as described on the website – already begun tenancies cannot be exchanged to another holiday accommodation. The lease begins the day of arrival at 16.00 (4 p.m.) in weeks 25-33 and at 15.00 (3 p.m.) the rest of the year.

Key exchange – see point regarding key information in the rental certificate - at the time mentioned above (unless otherwise agreed by the parties). The holiday accommodation should be vacated at 9.00 a.m. for ordered or mandatory final cleaning, otherwise at 10:00 a.m. The key must be returned to the collection point no later than 11:00 a.m. on the day of departure.

The rental agency reserves the right to charge a processing fee and deposit. The deposit is refunded no later than 21 days after departure, provided that the rental property is handed over in the same condition as received on arrival. Return handling fee is not paid. 

A fee will be charged for lost keys. If the key is lost, contact the office immediately. In case of late departure, a fee of DKK 500.00 is charged.

2. Terms of payment

1st instalment: 50% of the rent charge must be paid within 14 days of the contract date.

2nd instalment: The remaining amount must be paid no later than 8 weeks before the arrival date.

If the tenant places a booking later than 8 weeks before the arrival date, the entire amount is due immediately. Key exchange to the rented holiday accommodation will only take place if full payment of the agreed rental charge has been documented to the agency in charge of the rental. If timely payment of the 1st and 2nd installments is not made, the rental agency has the right to cancel the rental certificate.

3. Consumption

Consumption of electricity, water and heat / fixed consumption supplement.

Unless otherwise stated, billing is based on consumption. The reading is carried out by the tenant - a slip with reading data is handed out at the initial key exchange. Power supply is 230 volts. 
NOTE: Charging of electric vehicles is not permitted, unless otherwise stated.

3.1 Water: Unless stated otherwise, the water charge is included in the price. 

4. Cancellation due to illness

All rentals come with a mandatory cancellation policy. The scheme covers cancellation as a result of the tenant himself, accompanying persons - their spouses, children, grandchildren, parents or grandparents dying, being affected by a serious accident or acute, serious illness. Persons suffering from a chronic illness fall outside the coverage area of the cancellation scheme, just as pregnancy and its consequences are not considered illness.

In case of cancellation, the tenant must immediately contact the rental agency and at the same time send a medical certificate with diagnosis. The medical certificate must be in the hands of the rental agency before the tenancy begins. In the event of legal cancellation, the paid rent is refunded minus an administration fee of 4% of the rental charge according to the contract. Commenced tenancies and processing fees are not refunded. 

5. Cancellation in general 

Cancellations that do not occur due to illness as described above (cf. section 4) is accepted under the following conditions. 

A. Up to 90 days before a booked rental period: A cancellation fee of 10% of the total rental will be charged – minimum DKK 400.

B. 89 - 45 days before a booked rental period: A cancellation fee of 25% of the total rental will be charged – minimum DKK 400.

C. Later than 45 days before a booked rental period: 100% of the rent is withheld. In the case of re-letting, the rental amount is refunded minus a cancellation fee of 35% of the rental charge – however a minimum of DKK 400. Cancellation must be made directly to the rental agency.

The rental agreement can be transferred to a third party against a processing fee. It is a prerequisite that this is notified to the rental agency in writing, and that the rental agreement is addressed to the name of the third party, before the start of the rental period. Commenced leases and processing fees are not refunded. 

6. The holiday accommodation

The holiday accommodation may only be occupied by the number of people stated in the description. Setting up tents and caravans is not permitted. As there are no lettings to youth groups, it is assumed that the number of residents/users of the holiday accommodation in terms of age at all times corresponds to or is above the ages stated in the booking confirmation. The tenant named on the booking confirmation is liable for all damages that may occur in the rented property, regardless of whether they are caused by the tenant him-/herself, the tenant's companions or guests/guests of companions, and regardless of whether they are caused by accident, unintentionally or intentionally. Cleaning upon departure is the responsibility of the tenant. The holiday accommodation and furnishings must be handed over in the same condition as upon arrival. Any necessary extra cleaning can be carried out at the tenant's expense.

The tenant is liable for compensation for lost personal property and for damage caused during the rental period. Such damage must be reported/compensated before departure when delivering the keys to the rental agency. The tenant is held responsible for unreported damage that is found in connection with a check of the rental property after departure. Costs for rectification and case processing are the responsibility of the tenant and will be charge accordingly. 

6.1. The rental agency can cancel the agreement in the following cases:

6.1.1. If, during the rental period, the rental agency detects damage, vandalism or other significant non-compliance with the rented property – the rental agency is entitled to require the tenant to evacuate the holiday accommodation without notice and without compensation to the tenant.

6.1.2. If the tenant or one of his companions neglects the holiday accommodation or grossly neglects his obligations.

6.1.3. If, during the rental period, it is established that the rented property is occupied/used to an extent that differs from that stated on the reservation confirmation regarding the number of travelers and/or the age distribution stated here in. 

6.1.4. If persons in the rented property - due to their actions in the rented property - are ordered by the police to change their behavior, if the behavior is not changed in such a way that the police's order is obviously complied with. The lease can be canceled regardless of whether such behavior is carried out by the tenant, the tenant's fellow travelers or other persons who the tenant or his fellow travelers give access to the rented property.

The rental agency retains its right to additional compensation, in addition to rent and any deposit until all costs are accounted for and paid. Possible additional costs in connection with the return journey are borne by the tenant him-/herself.

6.2. Smoking: Smoking is not permitted in the majority of the holiday accommodations (e-cigarettes also apply) - see the description of the holiday accommodation. However, the rental agency cannot guarantee that the residency has always been a non-smoking accommodation. If the prohibition is violated, the rental agency reserves the right to charge a fee of at least DKK 3,000.

6.3. It is only permitted to bring pets (dog or cat) when this is specified in the description of the holiday accommodation. Dogs must be kept on a leash. In some holiday accommodations, it is not allowed to bring a cat. Pet fees are charged at the time of booking.

The pet is not to be left alone in the holiday accommodation. Before own or purchased cleaning, the tenant must have removed dog hair and other debris from the rented property, including floors and furniture and both in the accommodation and surrounding grounds. It should be noted, however, that pets are not allowed in furniture or beds. No other pets are allowed in the rented property for a shorter or longer time than what has been agreed among the parties upon signing the rental agreement. If the ban is violated, a fine of DKK 1,500.00 is paid.

6.4. The holiday accommodations are privately owned and therefore furnished and equipped according to the owner's personal taste. 
The holiday accommodations contain sleeping places, as well as duvets and pillows for the maximum number of people allowed in the house.

6.5. All distance indications are approximate measurements and indicate the distance in a straight line to the nearest coast.

7. Tenant’s responsibility 

The tenant must insure themselves against damage to themselves and accompanying persons and their property. 
The tenant is also responsible for ensuring that the tenant him-/herself, companions and guests are not an inconvenience to neighbors or cause harm to the surroundings. 

8. The rental agency 

The rental agency assumes no responsibility for sudden damage to the holiday accommodation (installation failure, etc.) and any presence of pests (wasps, flies, ants, etc.) in or near the holiday accommodation. Note that even in houses where pets are not allowed, allergies can still break out. Compensation for this is excluded.

8.1. Force Majeure 
The rental agency assumes no responsibility for situations resulting from strikes, lock-outs, oil and petrol rationing, construction noise, border closures, war, epidemics, natural and pollution disasters or other forms of force majeure. Compensation for this is excluded. 

The rental agency reserves the right to a proportionate increase in the agreed rental amount in the event of tax increases, official exchange rate changes, etc. 

9. Complaints

Damages and defects to the rented holiday accommodation must be reported immediately on the day of arrival or after the damage has occurred. The rental agency is obliged, immediately after receiving a complaint about damage and defects, to have it rectified. If the notification is made later, the rental agency cannot be held responsible for this. If damage or defects which have been notified within the time limit cannot be rectified during the rental period, the tenant is entitled to a proportionate refusal. The rental agency reserves the right to relocate the tenant to another similar holiday accommodation. 

In the event of electrical appliances and installations malfunctioning, no claim can be made for a reduction of the rent. Furthermore, the rental agency cannot be held responsible for malfunctions in the spa, pool or wilderness bath. Garden grill, bicycles, boats etc. are optional equipment that do not affect the price, so errors or deficiencies in these cannot lead to claims for a reduction in the rent. Further compensation of any kind is excluded. 

9.1. It must be emphasized that the rental agency is not obliged to provide another holiday accommodation if construction noise, traffic nuisances, noise from pubs or from other homes in the immediate area are experienced. Compensation for this is excluded.

10. Right of cancellation 

There is no right of cancellation according to section 17 of the Danish consumer contract law, as this is a booking for accommodation of a holiday accommodation. However, there’s always the possibility of termination of the agreement – cf. section 5.

11. Rules of ethics

Toppen af Danmark – is a member of the Feriehusudlejernes Brancheforening (the Holiday House Owners' Association) and follows the ethical rules laid down by this association.

11.1. Should problems arise in connection with a tenancy that are not resolved to the tenant's satisfaction, and it is not possible to reach an agreement between the parties regarding any compensation, the tenant can bring the matter before the Holiday House Owners' Association's Appeals Board. Further information about the Board of Appeal can be obtained at

12. Disputes 

Any dispute arising from this rental agreement will be decided primarily by the Board of Appeal of the Holiday Rentals Association and secondarily by the Courts of jurisdiction where the rented holiday accommodation is located.