Holiday home areas in the Top of Denmark

Here in North Jutland, at the Top of Denmark, you will find a holiday landscape both relaxing and fascinating at the same time. The wonderful beaches, dramatical coastal formations and the beautiful cities and villages are some of the reasons holidaymakers come again and again - year after year.

If you follow the west coast to the north you will pass Rubjerg Knude, where the lighthouse is close to being engulfed by the North Sea. Further north you come across a desert-like landscape – the migrating sand dune Råbjerg Mile. At the northern tip of Denmark, called Grenen, the waters of Skagerrak and Kattegat meet and here you can literally stand with one foot in either sea.

Continuing southwards along the east coast you will find that the sea is calmer, the water more shallow compared to the west coast, and the child-friendly beaches lie here like beads on a string from Skagen to Lyngså.

We have holiday homes in Skagen, Sæby and Frederikshavn  - close to beaches on the west and east coast of North Jutland.

Areas in North Jutland - the Top of Denmark

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