Vacation with your dog

Its finally time for a vacation, but not without your canine companion, he is part of the family after all.

Many families consider the best holiday to be one where the entire family is present, including the dog. We, at, are aware that many of our guests are very reluctant to leave their four-legged friends at home, and for that reason we have a large selection of holiday homes where dogs are permitted. We welcome everyone, two legged and four legged, Denmark is a dog-friendly country.

The exact entry conditions for your pet can be found on this page.

Please make sure your dog meets the requirements and contact your veterinarian if you have any doubts.

Featured dogs & pets friendly holiday homes

Holiday with your dog

The top of Denmark has a large selection animal friendly holiday homes and apartments. The majority of these are near the oceans and the many beaches of northern Jutland. Some of these even have a pool and/or wellness area. We offer a large selection of holiday homes directly by the North- and the Baltic- sea, and you hare bound to find one that is just right for you, your family and your dog.

North Jutland in Denmark offers a great many ways for you and your dog to have fun and let off steam. The many beaches, going for a walk in one of the woods, a visit to one of the “dog forests” or going for a swim in the ocean, one thing is clear; You and your furry friend are not going lack activities while on a holiday in the northern most part of Denmark. At you and your dog have the opportunity to rent a holiday home directly by the beach.

Dog forests

An absolute must for you and your dog, whilst on holiday in North Jutland, is a visit to one of the sixteen “dog forests” that are spread around the region. The dog forests are fenced of, off-leash dog parks, where your dog is free to roam as it pleases and play with all the other dogs, while you are free to chat with all the other dog owners. Danes are very interested in dogs, because of this, you should not be surprised if one of the other visitors wants to chat. The most common dog breeds in Denmark are: German Shepherd, Labrador and Golden Retriever.

The following link takes you to an overview of all the dog forests in northern Jutland (website in Danish). Apart from these select dog forests, your dog needs to be leashed, however some areas have special rulings.

Dogs at the beach

We at, have a large selection of holiday homes in close proximity to the beaches of north Jutland, where your dog is more than welcome.

If you rent a holiday home directly by the beach, you most likely intend to walk your dog on the beaches, or let it swim in the sea? If yes, then you need to be aware of a few rules. In the time period from the first of April, to the end of September, dogs are not allowed to be set loose, and need to be kept leashed. Beaches with the blue flag should be avoided, if possible, because dog are generally not allowed in these areas, however you are allowed to pass through if you stick to the higher end of the beach. As a dog owner, you are better off looking for beaches marked with a white flag, here the water, the safety and the quality of the beach is still superb, but with the important difference, that dogs are welcome. These beaches offer great opportunities for memorable beach holidays with your family and the dog. The following map shows the different beaches that have been included in the flag system.

Dogs are generally welcome on the beaches of Denmark; however, it is advised to consult the signs because some cases differ.

Unleashed at the beach

In the summer months your dog must be leashed at all time when visiting the beach, but in the time period from the first of October, to the end of march a new set of rules take effect. In this time period your dog is welcome to roam the beaches without a leash, as long as he remains in your full control. In this period the same rules as in the dog forests are applied. As the owner of our dog, you carry the full responsibility for its actions.

For more information surrounding the Danish dog legislation click here.

Rules and legislations regarding animals

If you want to bring your dog with you, when visiting Denmark, you need to follow some rules, regarding vaccinations, animal passport and identification documents for your dog. Some dog breeds are not allowed in Denmark among these are the following: Terrier, Pitbull, American Staffordshire terrier and American bulldog. The rules and legislations regarding the import of animals can be found here:

Many campsites, hotels and holiday homes in Denmark welcome dogs.

Guide to bringing your dog or pet with you in our holiday homes.

Denmark has many Off-Leash Dog Parks and there are no special entry requirements for dogs from abroad – so there is no reason to leave your favourite pet at home.
But always remember to be considerate and to keep your dog on a leash outside off-leash parks.
As a tenant and dog owner you have full responsibility for your animal. Remember to always keep the dog on a leash when outside.

Guidelines for bringing pets in our holiday homes:

  • The bringing of pets in the holiday home is only allowed when specified in the description of the property. Please note the maximum number of pets allowed.
  • There is an additional fee of DKK 140 per pet.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that your pets do not disturb the neighbours or the surroundings.
  • As a tenant, you have the duty to leave the house, including the garden in a clean condition.
  • Droppings must be removed from the property and please eliminate any holes dug by the dog. Even if you ordered a final cleaning of the house, the cleaning of the garden must be performed by the owner of the dog.
  • Pets are not allowed in the furniture, such as beds, sofas, chairs, etc.
  • If after the end of the lease pests (fleas, etc.) is found, you will be charged as a tenant with the resulting cleaning costs.
  • As a tenant, you will be charged the expenses of repairing any damage to the holiday home.
  • Never let your animals alone in a parked car. Sun and shade change, and it can get very hot inside the car.
  • Never leave your dog alone in the house. The new environment may be confusing to the dog when left alone. 
  • Pets are under no circumstances allowed in the property’s pool/spa area.

Please note that certain dog breeds are not allowed in Denmark. You can read more about bringing your dog to Denmark in The-Danish-dog-legislation