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As soon as the holiday destination has been decided, the next big choice must be made. Where and how to stay in Skagen? If you're holidaying in Skagen and the surrounding area, you'll be spoilt for choice, as the area's accommodation is so diverse in terms of size, location and type. Are you attracted to the classic, yellow-washed houses, and town holidays, or do you dream of a holiday in a cottage, a home by the wild North Sea or the gentle waters of the Kattegat? At Toppen af Danmark you'll find hundreds of holiday homes and holiday cottages in Skagen and the surrounding area. We offer holiday home rentals that are guaranteed to meet your needs. No matter which holiday home you choose, it will only be a short drive to all the many city and nature experiences that await you at the tip of Denmark. It is possible to book a weekend stay, a mini holiday or several weeks if time permits.

Experiences for the whole family in Skagen and Sæby



Grenen: A must-see place where the two seas, Skagerrak and Kattegat, meet. It is also a place where you can experience sunsets over the sea.


Skagen Art Museum: Known for its impressive collection of art, including works by famous Danish artists such as Anna and Michael Ancher.


The Sanded Church: A partially buried church that is an iconic symbol of Skagen's changing landscape.


Råbjerg Mile: Denmark's largest walking dune that moves year by year. An impressive nature experience.


Ancher's House and Garden: The home and garden that once belonged to the artist couple Anna and Michael Ancher provides an insight into their life and work.



Sæby Old Church: A beautiful 15th century church with an impressive history and architecture.


Sæby Museum: A local museum exhibiting the history and culture of Sæby, including maritime elements and art.


Sæbygård Castle: A well-preserved Renaissance castle surrounded by a charming castle park. The castle is open to visitors.


Saeby Harbour: A lively harbour with seafood restaurants, shops, and a relaxed atmosphere. Perfect for a stroll or a break overlooking the water.


Klitgården Refugium: A peaceful monastery ruin that now serves as a retreat and a beautiful place to explore.


Whether you're interested in art, history, nature or just want to relax by the coast, both Skagen and Sæby have a lot to offer.

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