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Holidays in Ålbæk and Napstjert

Halfway between Frederikshavn and Skagen the small, idyllic seaport Aalbæk lies by the east coast. This lovely town is especially known for the picturesque atmosphere of the port and the wonderful beaches. A holiday home in Aalbæk or Napstjert is a perfect base for a vacation with relaxation - yet close to shopping, restaurants and art galleries – and many options to choose from if you want a more active holiday.

Aalbæk is sometimes said to be the gate to Skagen, but the genuine small town atmosphere and surrounding, unique nature make Aalbæk itself one of the pearls at the top of Denmark. The beaches, both south and north of the harbour, are truly beautiful and here at Aalbæk Bay the waves are gentle and the beach water shallow - making the beaches perfect for children.

Featured holiday homes in Aalbæk / Napstjert

For families there is a lot to do and things to see

For families there is a lot to do and things to see: Farm Fun, just south of Aalbæk, with a lot of exciting activities and where you can meet and pet animals such as kangaroos, goats, llamas and pot-bellied pigs to mention a few. Watch birds of prey at Ørnereservatet (EagleWorld) in Tversted, or experience sea wildlife at Nordsøen Oceanarium in Hirtshals with northern Europe’s largest aquarium. The kids will love a day at either Fun House, a huge indoor play area, the indoor “Caribbean” water park (The Reef) or the exotic Palm Beach, all in Frederikshavn. Why not spend a day at the big amusement park Fårup Sommerland near Blokhus on the west coast?

When staying in Aalbæk do not miss the famous migrating coastal dune Råbjerg Mile which moves about 15 metres annually. The desert-like Råbjerg Mile is about 1 square kilometre big and has migrated 1500 metres eastwards the last 110 years. Here you also find small carnivorous sundew plants.

For golfers there are a few courses to choose from: Hvide Klit Golf Club near Aalbæk, Frederikshavn Golf Club, Sæby Golf Club and Sindal Golf Club.

The local train stops in Aalbæk, which makes it easy to explore the region, even if you did not bring a car on your vacation. There is also a paved bicycle path between Frederikshavn and Skagen that passes Aalbæk. The path runs through unique nature, particularly on the way from Aalbæk to Skagen.