Kandestederne is a small summer house area west of Hulsig and southwest of Skagen. It is one of Denmark’s oldest summer house areas and here the holiday homes are beautifully situated close to a wonderful beach and tall sand dunes. Nearby is also the famous migrating coastal dune Råbjerg Mile. It is allowed to enter the beach by car, which is an advantage for families with small children and people with physical impairment.

Featured holiday homes in Kandestederne

Holiday homes in the beautiful Kandestederne

Beautiful in winter, spring, summer and autumn

In summer, this area is jolly - with tourists enjoying the holiday atmosphere, the beach and lovely nature. In autumn, the weather can be quite wild and the nature seems more barren and desolate - yet the beauty is stunnning and many visitors prefer this season. Winter and early spring you feel like the nature is yours, and yours alone. The climate can be rough - but after a refreshing walk the holiday home and the wood burning stove is twice as nice, especially with a cup of hot chocolate.

Activities, nature and gastronomy

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