Gl. Skagen

Gammel Skagen (Old Skagen) – the western part of Skagen is situated among the dunes close to the beach and the west coast at the tip of Denmark. Gl. Skagen with its charm, atmosphere and history provides the perfect setting for a good holiday. There are lots of opportunities to enjoy the holiday in the idyllic surroundings that Gl. Skagen is known for, with the yellow houses, the light and the sea. With its unique location and special atmosphere Skagen and Gl. Skagen have attracted visitors from near and far for centuries. Skagen has a wide range of restaurants, museums, art galleries and shopping opportunities. The city and the surrounding nature offer a wide range of things to do and interesting places to see – and from a holiday home in Gammel Skagen or Skagen you have a perfect base.

Featured holiday homes in Gl. Skagen

Holiday homes in beautiful Gl. Skagen

Skagen and its nature is quite unique and impressive. In addition to the many white sandy beaches - you can go “desert” hiking in Europe's northernmost migrating coastal dune Råbjerg mile, or you can visit Grenen, the northern tip of Denmark, where Skagerrak and Kattegat meet in a symphony of water and light. 

Activities, nature and gastronomy

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