Skagen area beaches

The Skagen area has some of Denmark’s best beaches, all of them with a Blue Flag certficate. Here on the northern tip of Denmark, the west and east coast are never more than 10 kilometres apart – and at Grenen you can stand with one foot on either coast.

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Sønderstrand in Skagen

In Skagen town, the famous Skagen artists got inspiration for their paintings at Sønderstrand. Nowadays it is popular with families because of the fine sand and the relatively gentle sea. The dunes provide shelter on windy days.

Damstederne at Kongevillaen in Skagen

Damstederne is located southwest of Skagen harbour and close to 'Klitgården Refugium', also called 'Kongevillaen' which used to be a royal summer residence. The locals in Skagen prefer this beach, one of the most child-friendly in the Skagen area.

Gl. Skagen beach

If you go to Gl. Skagen (Old Skagen) northwest of Grenen, the water is a bit wilder. The waves are higher here on the west coast and the water gets deep closer to land. The beach is also popular in the evenings, when both locals and visitors come to enjoy an ice-cream and watch the beautiful sunset over the sea.


Grenen is the northern tip of Denmark where the two seas Skagerrak and Kattegat meet. On most days the confluence is visible as a line in the water surface pointing northwest from Grenen and out to sea. If you visit Skagen you also have to go to Grenen!
To come here you either walk or take ‘Sandormen’ – a wagon pulled by a tractor. Due to strong currents, bathing and swimming is prohibited at Grenen

Skiveren beach

Broad beaches, like the one in Skiveren, are perfect for sunbathing, fun and play. There are many beaches like that, between dunes and sea, on the west coast and one of the best is Skiveren beach. In Skiveren it is allowed to enter the beach by car, making it easier for the physically impaired to enjoy beach life. The beach in Skiveren has a Blue Flag certificate.

Kandestederne beach

Kandestederne beach is popular all year around. In the summer people gather here to enjoy the beautiful nature and the wonderful beach. It is allowed to enter the beach by car, but some people prefer the shelter and privacy provided by the rolling dunes. From autumn to spring the beach area and nature at Kandestederne becomes ‘wilder’ and a favourite place for horse riding, hiking and long walks.

Aalbæk beach

The beaches, both south and north of Aalbæk harbour, are truly beautiful and here at Aalbæk Bay the waves are gentle and the beach water shallow - making the beaches perfect for children.