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Holiday Apartments in Skagen City

Skagen City embodies cozy narrow streets with red and yellow houses, hollyhocks in all colors during the summer, and a harbor bustling with life and activity. Close to this harbor, you'll find Skagen Harbour Apartments, offering top-class holiday apartments. The harbor has always been a hub of activity, and tourists also enjoy visiting to have a delicious lunch with freshly caught fish. If you walk further up into the city, you'll reach the central part centered around the pedestrian street and Sankt Laurentii Vej, where you'll encounter Skagens Museum, Slagter Munch, and Brøndums Hotel.

There are many things to see and experience in Skagen, and if you ask us, one day is not nearly enough to explore them all. Book a stay at Skagen Harbour Apartments and experience Skagen in the morning, afternoon, and evening—the light constantly changes but always maintains its special glow, which has made Skagen so popular among great artists like P.S. Krøyer, Michael Ancher, and Anna Ancher. You can see art from all of them at Skagens Museum.

The advantage of these holiday apartments is that you can travel with many people without having to stay under the same roof. Below, you can read about how the different apartments are furnished to best plan your next trip.

Facilities in the Apartments

At Skagen Harbour Apartments, it's possible to rent two different types of apartments: apartments for 4 people or apartments for 6 people. Both types of apartments are luxuriously furnished and offer excellent accommodation and cooking facilities in the associated kitchens.

The apartments for 4 people are 63 m2 and consist of two separate rooms with double beds and an inviting bathroom. The kitchen is equipped with all the necessary items for cooking, so the framework for a cozy stay is already in place when you arrive at the apartment. During the summer, you can enjoy a cup of coffee on the large open terrace area or take a short walk into Skagen city. It's possible to purchase a delicious breakfast buffet at Skagen Harbour Hotel's restaurant.

The apartments for 6 people are spread out both in the living room and on the 1st floor. Those in the living room have access to the large open terrace area, while those on the 1st floor have their own 10m2 balcony with accompanying garden furniture. The size varies between 84 - 96 m2, and they are all equipped with the same high-quality interior, three bedrooms, two toilets, and one bathroom. It's also possible to purchase the breakfast buffet from Skagen Harbour Hotel for these apartments.

Skagen Harbour Apartments

Luxury Holiday in Skagen

Being on vacation is a luxury in itself for many, but if this experience is topped with genuine luxury amenities, then it must be a vacation you won't want to leave. There's everything you could want in Skagen - you just need to know where to look. At Skagen Harbour Apartments, you can experience luxury through luxurious holiday apartments, all exquisitely furnished and located in a prime spot if you want to be close to where the action is. Guests in the holiday apartments wake up to the classic sounds of the harbor as it gently stirs early in the morning, gently waking up the rest of the town for another vibrant day full of shopping and delicious food.

At Krøyers Holiday Apartments, you're further away from the bustling city and harbor life, but you're close to the water and the historic whispers of Old Skagen. Here, you wake up to the sound of the North Sea and the birds quietly beginning to stretch their wings and hunt for insects and other food. Here, you're transported to another time when artists sat on the beach and life moved a little slower. In addition to the noticeable tranquility, you can also take advantage of a pool and a luxurious spa area - you get the full luxury package when you book with Krøyers Holiday Apartments.

Experiences in and around Skagen

Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse

Close to Lønstrup in the western part of Vendsyssel, you'll find Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse. In the Rubjerg Knude area, you can witness the grip of the North Sea on the West Coast, as the lighthouse is in imminent danger of collapsing into the water if it's not moved further inland. Over the years, sand has blown up to the lighthouse, and at one time, it was the sand that forced the lighthouse to close since the light from the tower couldn't be seen. Today, the sand has passed by the lighthouse, and you'll find yourself in a wandering dune when you visit the lighthouse. In addition to an intriguing history, the lighthouse also boasts a fabulous view that will take your breath away. Lønstrup town can be reached by a short drive, and here you'll find charming cafes and shops.

Råbjerg Mile

Welcome to Denmark's largest migrating sand dune, Råbjerg Mile. The migrating dune is a popular destination for visitors in North Jutland, and there's a reason for that - it's a fantastic natural experience! Råbjerg Mile stretches about 1000 meters in both width and length, with the highest point being 40 meters above sea level. Throughout the year, the dune moves with the wind about 15 meters northeast, towards the Kattegat. Råbjerg Mile is a playground for many hours of fun, as the sand can be used for running, jumping, building, or just walking in - however, it's essential to be aware of quicksand as there's a risk of getting into dangerous areas.

Eagle World

Visit the eagles in their natural surroundings at Eagle World. The reserve, called Eagle World, specializes in eagles, and as visitors, you can expect an animal park where the birds are well cared for, and the staff is competent. Unlike many other animal parks, Eagle World emphasizes that it's on the birds' terms and not the visitors'. Therefore, there's a limit to how many people can enter the reserve at a time, and it's up to the birds themselves whether they want to be fed and participate in the demonstration. You can read more about the park's opening hours, feeding times, and book tickets for a demonstration right here!

Krøyers Holiday Apartments

The Skagen-yellow houses, pebbles for skipping, and ice cream galore - Gl. Skagen is a gem in the North Jutland landscape. Right in the heart of this gem, just a few hundred meters from the beach, you'll find Krøyers Holiday Apartments - holiday apartments of the highest class and with a location that's hard to beat. In addition to a top-quality location, Krøyers Holiday Apartments also invites you to take a dip in the pool if you're staying in one of the apartments. That makes the holiday a bit more interesting if it's winter or if the summer weather isn't behaving at its best. Therefore, a visit to Krøyers Holiday Apartments is a delightful experience regardless of whether it's summer, autumn, winter, or spring. Nature is constantly changing, and there are fun activities both indoors and outdoors all year round. You won't be bored on your holiday!

Skagen city is just a few minutes' drive from Gl. Skagen, and it can also be reached by bike. Here you'll find everything your heart desires in shops, restaurants, cafes, and culture. Have lunch at the historic Brøndums Hotel and then head over to Skagens Museum, which underwent a total renovation not many years ago. The exhibition is suitable for both children and adults, and its permanent collection showcases a large selection of all the Skagen painters, while the special exhibitions often adorn the museum's walls.

If you dream of a holiday in luxury, where art, culture, beautiful nature, and a vibrant city life take center stage, then you should book a holiday apartment at Krøyers Holiday Apartments as soon as possible. Here, you'll get everything you could dream of for a holiday - and even in the heart of Skagen!