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Krøyers Holiday Apartments

Holiday apartments in Skagen

The Skagen yellow color dominates Krøyers Holiday Apartments, located in the heart of the historic Gl. Skagen. The Top of Denmark, and Skagen in particular, has for many years been known for its special light and stunning nature, shaped and reshaped by the temperament of the North Sea. Gl. Skagen still portrays the time that once was, preserving its charm, authenticity, and the history that has unfolded in the dunes and along the coast for centuries. The apartments are only a few hundred meters away from the beach, perfect for finding pebbles and romantic moments overlooking the sea and sunset. If the little ones are on vacation, they can enjoy a delicious ice cream from the kiosk while the parents enjoy the sound of the North Sea and the fresh sea breeze.

Skagen city is not far from Gl. Skagen, so if you feel like drying your hair and getting out a bit, you can spend many hours in Skagen with delicious food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And if you're in the mood for it, there are many exclusive and exciting shops selling everything from kitchenware and furniture to clothing and shoes.

In addition to access to the pool and spa, the holiday apartments offer a wide range of other comfortable facilities such as a washing machine and dryer, private terrace, private parking, and wireless internet. The interior of the apartment is also comfortable, and you can read more about it below.

Facilities in the apartments

The larger apartments for 6 people are beautifully furnished with interior design by Phillipe Starck and a Bang and Olufsen system. The furniture is from Casa Marc Italy, and the kitchen and appliances are from Gaggenau. You will find 3 double bedrooms on the first floor of the apartment, where you will also find a shared guest toilet. On the ground floor, there is a large and bright kitchen/dining area and living room in one, and in the living room, there is an open fireplace for cozy evenings. The apartment also has a spacious and modern bathroom in a completed style. There is free wireless internet, a combined washer and dryer, and parking right in front of the house. The outdoor areas include a private terrace with sun loungers, garden furniture, and a grill.

The smaller 2-person apartments consist of a double bedroom, a large and bright kitchen/dining area and living room with an open fireplace. There is also a private terrace with garden furniture and a grill, so you can sit outside all evening when the weather permits.

The studio apartments are equipped with a double bed and a fantastic view, as they are located on the 1st floor.

All in all, Krøyers Holiday Apartments provide the perfect setting for a great holiday in lovely Skagen.

Holiday with pool in Skagen

There is no doubt that the North Sea and its beaches are something that North Jutland is particularly known for, and it is not without reason! There is something very special about swimming in the open sea and feeling the sand between your toes. But as delightful as it can be to swim in the sea when the sun is shining from a clear sky and the warm winds caress your skin, it can be equally unpleasant to have to jump into the water when the sky opens up and sends rain and cold air down over little Denmark. We may be unlucky enough for the latter scenario to play out right in the middle of the summer holiday, but then you should not despair. When you visit Krøyers Holiday Apartments, you are guaranteed a swimming holiday regardless of how the weather behaves. All you have to do is remember to pack your swimwear and jump into the lovely heated water in our pool.

However, some people see a cold day as a perfect opportunity to jump into the waves and get completely refreshed. For these winter swimmers, warm baths and sauna await when you return after a dip in the icy sea.

So, a holiday with a pool is for the whole family and for all those who love to swim and want to enjoy an extra luxury on holiday.

Experiences in Skagen

The Gold of the Sea - Amber

When the wild storms of autumn and winter stir up the waters of the North Sea, it's time to put on your hiking shoes and head down to the water. A morning after a big storm offers excellent chances to find a piece of the golden relic from the past if you look closely in clusters of seaweed and other debris washed up. Amber can come in countless shapes, sizes, and colors, and if you're very lucky, you might find a piece with an insect, like a mosquito, preserved inside for thousands of years. If you're not lucky in your search by the water, there are plenty of shops where you can get up close to the amber, and perhaps you'll want to take home a piece of jewelry as a souvenir from your holiday in Skagen?


Hop on the Sandormen, the tractor that runs between Grenen and the parking lot at Grenen, and drive on the beach all the way to Denmark's northernmost point, Grenen. Grenen is the place where the two seas, Kattegat and Skagerrak, meet, and where it's possible to stand with one foot in each sea. It's also possible to walk out to Grenen, where along the way, you'll come across Drachmann's gravestone and can see bunkers from World War II. It's a nature experience of the highest order, but there are strong forces at play, so it's important to be cautious in the water, and swimming off Grenen is strongly discouraged. See more pictures of Grenen and book a holiday home nearby, right here!

Fårup Sommerland

If the holiday is all about the children, and you want to treat the whole family to a day full of fun and cool rides, then you should visit Fårup Sommerland. You can get to the amusement park in about 1 hour and 20 minutes from Skagen, and then you're guaranteed to have a whole day of fun in the many rides, which cater to both the little ones and the bigger kids. If the weather allows, you can visit the water park, where there are mega cool water slides and a wave pool that almost makes you believe you're in the North Sea. If there are horse-loving children in the group, it's also possible to go on horseback rides, ranging from a ride in the terrain to a leisurely trek through the forest. See much more on Fårup Sommerland's website or read more about holidays with children!

Skagen Harbour Apartments

At Skagen Harbour Hotel, it's now possible to rent one of the 22 newly built apartments, ranging in size from 84 to 96 square meters. All apartments are luxuriously furnished, and if you stay in one of them, you have the option to add on a breakfast buffet in the hotel's restaurant. The apartments are beautifully situated at the harbor in Skagen, making it easy to access the vibrant holiday life in the city center.

Moreover, you can easily reach a wide range of activities and attractions, and the fantastic nature of North Jutland is just a bike ride away. For example, by bike, you can reach Grenen, the Buried Church, Råbjerg Mile, Gl. Skagen, and many other lovely places.

Find much more information about Skagen Harbour Apartments, or read more if you're looking for a holiday with a pool!