Holiday homes with pool

Pure luxury for the whole family

When the calendar turns to autumn, or the Danish summer surprises us with a rainy day, it's a true luxury to be able to retreat indoors and enjoy a dip in the pool, in shelter from the rain and cold. Pack your swimsuit and enjoy the pool in a holiday home in Denmark.

Holiday homes with pool

A great alternative to the beach

The Danish weather varies quite a lot, even when you're visiting Denmark during summer. Therefore, it might be beneficial to plan your vacation in Denmark with conderation to the more gloomy days. Book a holiday home with a pool and spa! That will ensure a nice vacation, regardless of how the weather behaves. In this way, you can avoid children feeling disappointed that they can't show off their new swimsuits or try out their new pool toys. In other words, your holiday in Denmark can be a perfect combination of fresh air by the sea and pure relaxation indoors by the pool. At Krøyer's Holiday Apartments, you can have it all and more. Krøyer's offers exclusive holiday apartments with access to a pool, wellness and spa, in the most delightful surroundings in Gl. Skagen. In this area, you will experience Skagen as the famous Skagen painters experienced it many years ago. In addition to access to the pool and spa, the holiday apartments also offer a wide range of other comfortable amenities, such as a washing machine and dryer, a private terrace, private parking and wireless internet. The interior of the apartment is equally comfortable. Read more about Krøyer's Holiday Apartmens.

Krøyers Holiday Apartments

The yellow houses of Skagen, the unique Nordic light and the roar of the North Sea are all present, when your visit takes you to Krøyers Holiday Apartments. Despite the passage of time, Gl. Skagen has managed to preserve its charm and authenticity, safeguarding the history that has unfolded among the dunes and along the coast. The apartments are just a few hundred meters from the beach and invite you for an evening stroll with ice cream and the sunset before you. The center of Skagen is close to the holiday apartments which also makes it possible to spend a day in town. Here, you can enjoy Skagen's shops and delicious restaurants. 

Experience Skagen's history at Skagens Museerne

It's nearly impossible to visit Skagen and its surroundings without exploring the Skagens Museums. The museums are a merger of Holger Drachmann's house, Ancher's house and Skagen Museum. Skagen's Museum was founded in 1908 by Michael Ancher, P. S. Krøyer and Laurits Tuxen at Brøndums Hotel. Today, the museum is located right next to Brøndum's Hotel. It was renovated from 2014 to 2016. Now, you can explore a modern museum with historic art. Apart from a visit to the museums, it's highly recommended to enjoy a delicious lunch at Brøndum's Hotel.

Experience Marine Life at the North Sea Oceanarium

Close to the harbor in Hirtshals, you'll find the North Sea Oceanarium whose mission is to showcase the life in the North Sea. Here, you can explore large aquariums and informative exhibitions that entertain children as well as adults. The oceanarium is known for its fascinating lumpfish which are just one out of 81 different species you can see. All species which are found in the North Sea. The aquarium is designed in a way that allows you to embark on the North Sea with a total of 7 destinations. Each destination provides insight into the species that inhabit that area. It's up to you how much time you want to spend at each stop. It's possible to watch the seals being fed outside the oceanarium. They are fed twice a day, and it's a fun experience to see the cute seals hunting the many herrings. Inside, you can also witness a daily feeding in the large aquarium, which is also a spectacular experience.