Museums, churches and castles

Are you fascinated by history? Interested in culture? Museums, churches and castles all have interesting stories to tell, and in many places at the Top of Denmark you can also admire the beauty of castles, churches and large mansions. The inspiring ambience is probably why many artists and artisans choose to come, and live, here.

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Museums and castles in the Top of Denmark

Going through the towns and landscape you can feel the breath of history. At museums and castles you can hear fascinating stories about the lives of kings, war heroes, noblemen  and ordinary people in happy, and troublesome, times. Art museums, for example in Skagen, show the life and works of well-known artists - and how they were inspired by the special landscape and light at the Top of Denmark.

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Børglum Koster

Børglum Kloster - a historical centre in the Vendsyssel area of North Jutland. At first a royal residence, then an episcopal residence and later a monastery. This impressing mansion has been the scene for a Danish TV series and is also home to several art exhibitions. If that was not enough, there is also a toy museum and a beautiful herbary.

Børglum Kloster

Skagen Museums

One museum – three locations. At the end of 2014 the three museums Skagen Museum, Anchers Hus and Drachmanns Hus got together under the name 'Skagens Kunstmuseer' (Art museums of Skagen).

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Sæbygaard og Voergaard Castle

Sæbygaard slot is an architectonic pearl with fascinating details and a beauty that is breathtaking - from the outside and inside.
Voergård Slot - one of the most beautiful Renaissance buildings in Denmark. And said to be haunted by a former lady of the manor - the allegledly cruel noblewoman Ingeborg Skeel.