Råbjerg Mile – the largest migrating dune in Northern Europe

Tiny desert in north Jutland

A day in Råbjerg Mile, almost makes you feel you are taking a stroll through the desert, when you walk through the beautiful landscape that is Europe’s northernmost migrating coastal dune. From the highest point of the dune, you have a fantastic panoramic view over the entire surrounding landscape, with Skagen visible in the Horizon. Råbjerg Mile moves with a speed of approximately 15 meters per year and has moved around 1.5 kilometres further east over in the last 110 years. Click here for more information.

Featured Holiday homes near the Råbjerg Mile

The History of Råbjerg Mile

Raabjerg Mile

Throughout a large part of the 16th and 17th century the region around Skagen, as well as many other places along the Danish west coast, were plagued by drifting sand. The result of these sand drifts was one enormous Dune, which today is known as Råbjerg Mile, that slowly moved across the land.

The dune has brought a great deal of destruction in the cause of its lifetime and has destroyed large parts of the farmland as well as buried roads and chased the local residents out of their homes. Den Tilsandede Kirke (The Sandburied Church) still stands as a memento of a time where many houses and farmsteads disappeared under the sand. In the end of the 19th century the Danish state accepted responsibility for the region and promised to improve the infrastructure. What followed was a successful attempt to reforest the area, in order to hinder the continuous drifting of the sands, as well as the establishment of a railway line and a road from Aalbæk to Skagen.

Hiking in the Danish desert

Thanks to the varying nature in the region around Råbjerg Mile, hiking trips can feel like a true adventure. However, caution is advised as quicksand is a possible danger. Click here for more information.

The big Kite-day in Raabjerg Mile

Råbjerg Mile offers a lot of activities for the entire family. Due to the constant wind in Northern Jutland it is always possible to fly kites. Once a year, in August, the great kite day takes place, and you will be able build your very own kite, and let it fly.