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Skagen has been attracting visitors for centuries with its special atmosphere and unique location at the most northern tip of Denmark. Back in the 19th century artists gathered here, drawn by the special, radiant light unique to Skagen. This jolly seaside town is a charming combination of busy harbour, soft sandy beaches, small shops and restaurants and the distinctively yellow houses with their red roofs framed by white lace-like decorations - making Skagen a holiday favourite for visitors from far and near.

Featured holiday homes in Skagen town

Picturesque yellow houses with red roof tiles and white lace-like decorations

The atmosphere in Skagen is quite unique. The picturesque yellow houses, the red warehouses in Skagen’s lively boat harbour and the cheerful summer holiday ambiance in midtown pedestrian streets.

Early in the mornings, you can see both locals and visitors bicycling, wearing bathrobes on their way to the beach for their daily morning swim. On the way back from the beach many of them stop at the bakery to get breakfast.

Skagen’s many cafés, restaurants and seaside hotels are known for using fresh ingredients and for the good service. And the lovely summer ambiance in Skagen makes the meal even better.