Summer holiday in Skagen

Spend your summer holiday in Skagen and Sæby

As autumn starts to take hold, we begin to look forward to the summer once again, warming us with its rays of sunshine. As soon as the summer holiday begins, the whole of North Jutland transforms, and that's when life truly begins. Book next year's summer holiday now and experience it for yourself.

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Summer holiday in North Jutland

Your summer holiday doesn't have to take you across borders. You can simply head to North Jutland. Here you'll find a selection of some of Denmark's best and coziest holiday homes. You can escape from everyday life and seek refuge in one of the classic Danish wooden cottages, or you can try one of our modern luxury holiday homes. What they all have in common is that they provide you with the unique atmosphere that only a Danish holiday home can offer. Here, all you need to do is relax. You can smell the barbecue in the air, feel the warmth of the asphalt through your soles as you head down to the local ice cream stand, and lose yourself in the words of your favorite book before falling into a well-deserved afternoon nap right there on the dreamy bed.

Week 29 in Skagen

Skagen's peak season undeniably reaches its peak in week 29. During this week, the population increases by 50,000 guests, along with the number of expensive cars and rosé wine! Locals refer to this week as the "Hellerup week". If you haven't experienced it before, it's a clear recommendation, as Skagen is brimming with life and events during this time. So, there's no risk of getting bored when you visit the town during this week. You can find a holiday home for week 29 with us right here.

The beaches of North Jutland

The days when we embrace summer the most are the days when all we have to do is lie on a towel in the sand, interrupted only by trips into the waves in a shuttle service. The beaches of North Jutland offer you some truly unique opportunities. As you head north, the country tapers, and the distance from coast to coast becomes shorter. So, whether you choose a holiday home on the east or west side, the best beach is never far away. Especially unique is the tip of Denmark at Grenen. Here, you can stand with one foot in both the North Sea and the Kattegat at the same time. But beware, the currents can be strong, and swimming is strongly discouraged.

If the summer weather fails

On days when the weather doesn't scream sunshine, sandy beaches, and soft serve ice cream, it's good to have a plan B. Something where you're not dependent on the weather, but where you can fill your backpack with good memories, rain or shine. Skagen offers a mountain of possibilities just waiting for you to conquer it.

The Skagen Painters

Skagen has a long history. Originally, it was a fishing community, but what truly made Skagen nationally famous was when a group of artists established a colony in the northern Jutland. The Skagen Painters have a significant place in Skagen's story today, and you can see that at the Skagen Museum. There, a large number of the old works are exhibited, each showing a glimpse of what Skagen looked like.

Skagen Teddy Bear Museum

If the whole family isn't keen on art and history, and if there are even members with childish souls, there are fortunately other museums in Skagen that might be more suitable. One example is the Skagen Teddy Bear Museum. There, you'll find a museum filled with teddy bears living their own lives. The many bears have moved into an old Skagen house, where they enjoy themselves in every way imaginable. The museum has about 100 different displays, each hiding a special story told by the bears themselves.

Bolcheriet Skagen

After a day of activities, Bolcheriet in Skagen is a great place to visit. Here, you can see and experience how the classic candies are made with good craftsmanship. And most importantly, you can buy a bag to take home and enjoy with your evening coffee.

Rent a holiday home for the summer holiday

At the Top of Denmark, we have a holiday home that perfectly suits your needs. If it's a family summer vacation, take a look at our large holiday homes. Here, you'll find the space to get through the summer without worrying about lack of space. You can spend the days together, or you can split up and do what each of you wants before gathering in the evening - it's entirely up to you. If you're aiming to fully recharge before everyday life begins again, then keep a close eye on our luxury holiday homes. Or if you're looking for a more romantic experience, we also have smaller wooden cottages where you can experience the coziness of being together in a bit of space.

Holiday apartments for the summer holiday

A holiday apartment for the summer holiday is a choice you won't regret. Here, you'll have everything you need for the best vacation. There's room for the family to be together, and at the same time, you have everything within a short radius, so you can get around quickly and easily.

Have you already planned your summer holiday?

Have you already planned your summer vacation? Or are you curious about other holidays that are ideal to spend at the Top of Denmark? Then you'll find much more right here on our inspiration page. Here, you can read about winter holidays, autumn holidays, New Year's holidays, and Christmas holidays. We look forward to welcoming you. No matter which holiday.