Rent a holiday home with room for everyone

Are you looking for a holiday home that can accommodate the whole family, or perhaps you wish to gather two families under one roof? Or are you dreaming of bringing together the entire group of friends that you've been talking about for so long? Then our large holiday homes in Skagen and the surrounding area are just what you need! Here, you can rent a holiday home where there is room for everyone, while also having the possibility to retreat a bit and have a quiet moment to yourself, if needed. There are many advantages to renting one of our large holiday homes - having space for everyone's needs and desires is just one of them.

Large holiday homes in Skagen and the surrounding area

Large holiday homes with room for family or friends

Our large holiday homes can accommodate up to 24 people, providing the opportunity to gather all the people you hold dear! In our large holiday homes, you can bring together the whole family across generations for the ultimate family vacation, creating even more unforgettable holiday memories together. The holiday homes provide space for everyone and always offer plenty of room for both children's play and relaxation for the adults to happen simultaneously.

However, if you dream of gathering friends for a delightful holiday in a holiday home, one of our large holiday homes is also an obvious choice. Whether it's the annual holiday trip, a reunion with college friends, or a festive New Year's Eve, you will undoubtedly find the perfect holiday home for you!

Events and special occasions in a large holiday home

When family or friends gather for a celebration, a large holiday home in Skagen or the surrounding area can create the perfect setting for the festivities. It's not always feasible to accommodate many people at home, so if you're celebrating a birthday with family or bringing together high school friends for an anniversary, renting a holiday home with plenty of space is an excellent idea.

In this way, you can enjoy the big day with the whole family or all your friends without worrying about whether or not there's enough space in your living room. By booking a holiday home for the occasion, you can also make the special day extra memorable, something you and your guests can look back on with joy.

In a large holiday home, you can also be together over several days, or perhaps a whole week, and enjoy preparing for the festivities together in the days leading up to it.

Activities for children and adults in Skagen and the surrounding area

Whether it's the family or a group of friends going on vacation together, Skagen is the perfect destination. In Skagen and the rest of North Jutland, you'll find activities, sights and experiences for both young and elderly guests.

In Skagen and the surrounding areas, you'll find beautiful nature that can be explored by bike or foot. Here, you can go on hikes around the North Jutland landscape and be captivated by the raw and beautiful nature that North Jutland has to offer. If you want to experience truly unique nature, you can visit Råbjerg Mile, which is Northern Europe's largest migrating dune and the closest Denmark comes to an actual desert. The dune covers an area of ​​almost 1 square kilometer and contains a staggering 4 million cubic meters of sand! Additionally, the dune moves about 15 meters northeast annually, which means that at some point, it will cover part of the main road between Frederikshavn and Skagen, while leaving behind a unique landscape. When you visit Råbjerg Mile, you have the opportunity to experience a truly unique landscape and, not least, get plenty of sand between your toes!

If you're willing to drive to see the sights of North Jutland, the North Sea Oceanarium in Hirtshals is also a must-visit. The North Sea Oceanarium is Northern Europe's largest aquarium, where you can get close to the fascinating marine life beneath the sea's surface. Here, you can experience no less than 7,000 fish and other marine creatures, including seals that you can see in the large outdoor area or in the underwater tunnel. At the North Sea Oceanarium, there are plenty of exciting experiences, making it the perfect destination for a fun day-trip for friends or the whole family.