Beach holiday

At The Top of Denmark you are always near a sandy beach. In fact, our coastline is one long beach - only interrupted by a few villages and towns. In general the beaches are child-friendly, especially on the east coast where the sea is calmer and the water shallow. And in Frederikshavn there is a palm beach! The west coast is a bit 'wilder', perfect for surfing and beach games.

Holiday homes near the beach

Sandy beaches like beads on a string

Wonderful beaches as far as the eye can see. Broad sandy beaches between rolling dunes and the blue sea. The beach dunes are generally covered with lyme grass, and here you find spots for sunbathing in privacy and protected from the wind. At The Top of Denmark you can always find a suitable beach for swimming, water games, surfing and children’s play.

Beaches at the Top of Denmark

From Lønstrup there are stairs down to the beach. The beach is car-free and perfect for enjoying the sun and bathing, while being close to Lønstrup's shops and restaurants at the same time.

The most popular beaches in the Hirtshals area are situated around Hirtshals and at Tversted. The wonderful beaches, the beautiful nature and the blue sea around Hirtshals and at Tversted attract tourists from near and far.

The Skagen area has some of Denmark’s best beaches, all of them with a Blue Flag certficate. Here on the northern tip of Denmark, the west and east coast are never more than 10 kilometres apart – and at Grenen you can stand with one foot on either coast.

From Frederikshavn the lovely white sandy beaches stretch as far as the eye can see. One of the beaches is the exotic Palm Beach in the northern part of Frederikshavn city.

In the Sæby area you find some of Denmark’s most child-friendly beaches. The gentle Kattegat sea, the shallow water and the finest white sandy beaches attract many families with children.



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