Plantations & forests

At the Top of Denmark there are many beautiful forests and plantations. The nature here is quite unique, full of surprises and waiting to be explored.

Holiday homes near plantations and forests

Some of the best memories come from days spent in free nature. There you forget about work, household chores and stress.
Let places like 'Grenen', 'Rubjerg Knude' and 'Råbjerg Mile' enchant you and create memories for life.




Experience nature

Dog parks in the Top of Denmark

Nature holds many great experiences for both people and animals. Your dog will love a walk in the forests or dune plantation, but remember to walk your dog on a leash. This way the dog will not cause stress to the wildlife in the forests or to the farm animals in the fields. In the Top of Denmark, we have more than 16 fenced dog parks. In this link, you will be able to see a map of the dog parks and read more about each of them.

Out into nature


Special campfire spots have been made in many of the state governed forests and plantations - here you are allowed light a campfire and cook your own meals. The Nature Agency's campfire grounds can be used by anyone and do not need to be reserved. In the link, Ud i Naturen (Danish), you can find everything from campfire grounds, bird observation towers, nature playgrounds to nature fitness and much more. Zoom in on the area that you would like to have a closer look at. 

Moutain biking in forests

In the Danish state forests, you will find more than 350 kilometers worth of MBT trails! If you want to challenge yourself then the 10 Spir (Danish) are the trails for you. One is located in the dune plantation of Svinkløv south of Lønstrup. Hope on your bike and get moving - you are in for a treat.

Find more inspiration - experience nature during your holiday 



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