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Many first-time visitors are surprised by the multitude of art galleries and crafts workshops at the Top of Denmark.
Skagen is well-known for its history of famous artists living and working there.
Arts & crafts workshops is one of the characteristics of the charming Løkken area.

Everywhere you go at the Top of Denmark you will see small art galleries and workshops. Along the country roads, in city centres and in the small villages, ceramists, glassblowers, painters and wood carvers are happy to show you their works.

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The artisan takes a piece of nature, something found in the landscape or the sea, and turns it into a piece of art. The shape and colours often inspired by the surrounding nature – the unique light, rough sea, undulating dunes or maybe a crooked tree…



Ceramics is popular again - new shops, workshops and galleries with trendy decoration items open on a regular basis. Today, ceramics is much more than teapots in murky colours or chunky cups. The selection is much wider, and at the Top of Denmark you can find almost anything from practical kitchenware to decorative ceramics art.

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Beautiful glass art has been made since 2000 BC, and never stops fascinating people – both the amazing glassblowing techniques and the wonderful pieces of work. There are glassblower workshops in many towns at the Top of Denmark, for example Lønstrup, Sæby and Skagen.

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Silver, gold, brass and amber are some of the materials preferred by jewellers at the Top of Denmark. True arts & crafts beauty can be seen in one of the many workshops and shops. "Nordic gold", or amber, is very popular and in some workshops you can order jewellery made froma a piece of amber you found yourself.

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