Hiking trails at the top of Denmark

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Experience the Danish nature up close. The hiking is an excellent way to explore the countryside and experience the diverse landscapes at the top of Denmark. Here you will find the all the necessary information regarding your hiking holiday at the top of Denmark. The possibilities during your holiday at visittoppen.com are almost endless. There are countless hiking trails throughout North Jutland, that take you on a journey along the coasts and sights of the region.

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The best Hiking trails in Denmark

There is a large selection of hiking trails for you to choose from on your holiday in north Jutland, one of these is the old Ox Road (Hærvejen or Ochesnweg), that follows the western coast from Blokhus to Hirtshals. The many hiking trails at the top of Denmark, along the coast of north Jutland offer a wide variety of scenery.

There are plenty of hiking trails along the west- and east coast of the top of Denmark. We have selected a few hiking trails to serve as inspiration for your next hiking holiday in Denmark.

The North Sea Road

The North Sea Road is part of North Sea Trail as well as the NAVE Nortrail project, whose goal it is to create hiking trails along historically important trails along the entire North Sea costal region. 26 regions in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, England and Scotland are all part of this project, which creates a network of footpaths and roads along cultural- sights of historic importance. For more information click here or ask at the tourist office.

The Queens Route

The Queen's Route, Dronningestien in Danish, is a 2 Km long nature trail starting at the Pikkerbakken and then heading south, along the edge of the Bangsbo Fort on the way you will be able to enjoy a fantastic view over the Kattegat. The trail got its name, after a visit by Queen Margrethe II and Prince Henrik of Denmark on the 13th of July in 2003. Click here for more information.

The Marguerite route

The Marguerite route which lies by Sæby, offers a fantastic tour through beautiful nature, the old parts of the city as well as the beach promenade close to the small marina. The Marguerite route in Sæby is the starting point of four other hiking trails with varying lengths, at respectively 2.5 km, 5 km, 7.5 km and 21.5 km. Despite the difference in length, all the trails share the natural beauty of the region, and they all include sights worth seeing. Click here for more information regarding the Marguerite route

Hiking is a fantastic way to experience the diverse nature of the Danish countryside, but we must ask you to respect the nature and not to litter. Keep your dog on a leash and considerate of the local wildlife. You are allowed to pick berries, flowers and mushrooms as long as you leave the protected species alone.