Cycling Holiday in Denmark

Experience the Danish nature up close. The bike is an excellent way to explore the countryside and experience the diverse landscapes at the top of Denmark. Here you will find the all the necessary information regarding your cycling holiday at the top of Denmark. The possibilities during your holiday at are almost endless. There are countless bicycle routes throughout North Jutland. The forest of Sæbygård, with its five exciting mountain bike routes, is especially noteworthy for the MTB enthusiast.

You are basically allowed to ride your bike anywhere, as long as you are considerate of others, and respect the rules and regulations in a given area.

Holiday with bike and hiking

Bike Routes

There is a wide selection of cycling routes at the top of Denmark. The so-called panoramic routes (Panoramaruter), which were introduced in 1993 are some of the most sought-after cycle tourism attractions. There are six of these panoramic routes in north Jutland, three of which I would like to highlight here; First off, we have the route called “Kingdom of the birds of prey” (Rovfuglenes rige), which is located in the region near Aalbæk and Hulsig. This route takes you right past the migrating coastal dune Råbjerg Mile. The second route, “High above the sky” (højt over havet), which leads through the hilly countryside by Hirtshals and surrounding villages. The third route, “the fish sign” (I fiskens tegn) is the other panoramic route near Hirtshals, and takes you on a journey past small streams, such as Uggerby Å, where anglers try to catch trout. The route reaches a peak height of 89 meters above water level, all in all a very comfortable route through the beautiful nature of north Jutland.

If you are looking for the right route for your holiday, you might find some inspiration here, or ask us directly in one of the local tourist offices. We also have a large selection of maps and much more.

Bike Rentals

In North Jutland there are many ways to rent bicycles. Cities like Skagen, Frederikshavn, Hirtshals and Sæby each have one or more local bike rentals or bike dealerships willing to rent you a bike. If you are in doubt as to where you might be able to rent a bike, you are always welcome to ask in one of the local tourist offices, or visit our website.

Mountain biking in Denmark

The top of Denmark offers many opportunities to get out and vent your MTB, no matter if you are a beginner or a more experienced rider. The diverse nature offers a wide range of obstacles and varying terrain as well as a good mix of single-tracks and fast wide tracks, combined with a beautiful view of the Danish nature.

North Jutland's northernmost MTB track is located at Skagen's dune plantation. The route has a length of 13.6 Kilometres and a height difference of 44 meters. It is a beginner friendly track that has been marked with red arrows. The underground is a mixture of gravel and hard sand.

Two additional tracks worth mentioning are Sæbyskov near Sæby, and Tornby Klitplantage.