Angling at the top of Denmark

Fishing holidays in North Jutland

The top of Denmark is a true paradise for anglers. An angling holiday in Denmark offers a wide selection of waters suitable for fishing, these include fjords, streams, lakes and the sea. Because of the many different waters, and the choice of salt- and freshwater, nearly every fish native to Denmark, which include; sea trout, rainbow trout, cod, pike mackerel, flounder and many more, can be found around the top of Denmark. Anglers at the age from 18 to 65 require a valid fishing license in order to fish in the Danish waters. The fishing license can be purchased at this link (website in Danish), or in one of the local tourist information center.

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Holiday homes suitable for fishing holidays

Fishing license in Denmark

If you are in the age range between 18 and 65, you need to be in possession of a valid fishing license, in order to be permitted to fish in the Danish waters. Fishing without a permit is forbidden. Click here, to get more information and the option to buy the fishing license. Alternatively, the license can be ordered at one of the local tourist information centres.

Ocean fishing in Denmark

If you are interested in fishing in the ocean, be it from the pier or from a boat, then you will find plenty of opportunities to do so in the many coastal cities along the Danish coast. One of these opportunities is to get out onto the open sea in the M/S Sea Hawk, a fast, motorized catamaran, that can reach a speed of more than 20 knobs, and the faster you can get to a good fishing spot, the more time you have to fish.

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Angling holiday in Denmark

The many beaches and the large coastal area make northern Jutland in Denmark the perfect holiday destination for he enthusiastic angler. We at, have a large selection of holiday homes with quick and easy access to the water, and everything you need for your angling holiday. At the top of Denmark, you have a lot of choices regarding what type of water you want to fish in; streams, beaches the ocean and the many put & Take lakes are all there for you to try your luck or test your skills. Many of the harbours in Denmark allow you to fish from the peer, but only in marked areas, look for the signs.

M/S Michael Frank

The Captain Michael Frank offers fishing trips out in the open sea, on an authentic wooden fishing boat. This is a unique opportunity to experience the atmosphere as it was when the wooden fishing boats dominated the Danish fishing ports. Click here for more information (website in Danish or German only).

Put & Take Lakes

There are several Put & Take lakes at the top of Denmark  As a tenant in one of’s holiday homes, you will always have the opportunity to go on a fishing trip with a group or alone. There are plenty of shops selling fishing gear, where you can get all the essentials, ff you have forgotten your fishing gear at home, or if you are new to the hobby. Click here to learn more, and maybe find some inspiration for your next Angling holiday at the top of Denmark.