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Rent a holiday home at Lodskovvad and Hvideklit

If you are looking for a holiday in peaceful settings, Lodskovvad, Hvideklit or Bunken is the place to choose. You will be surrounded by beautiful landscape, interesting places to visit, great golf courses and excellent beaches. The gentle waves and shallow water along Kattegat at the east coast make the soft, sandy beaches ideal for children, and many are Blue Flag Certified. The east coast is also a good place for angling. On the west coast, facing the North Sea, the waves are a bit bigger and the water is deeper closer to the shore. The current is also stronger than the east coast current, making it more fun to swim and surf here – but remember to be cautious and respect the forces of nature. Most of the beaches are car free, but at Kandestederne and Skiveren it is allowed to enter the beach by car, a convenience for the physically impaired and families with small children.

Featured holiday homes in Lodskovvad / Hvideklit

The fascinating nature of Bunken Klitplantage and Råbjerg Mile

Bunken is a small, peaceful summer house area in beautiful surroundings. Here you can stay in a holiday home close to sandy dunes, pine tree clusters and the beach. Near by there is a wonderful nature golf course named Hvide Klit. A few kilometres from Bunken, Lodskovvad and Hvideklit you find the fascinating, desert-like coastal dune Råbjerg Mile. This migrating dune is about 1 square kilometre big and moves 15 metres annually – during the last 110 years it has migrated 1500 metres to the east. The place is also home to small carnivorous sundew plants. From a holiday home in Bunken, Lodskovvad or Hvideklit you can make nice day trips to Nordsøen Oceanarium in Hirtshals with northern Europe’s largest aquarium, the eagle reservation Ørnereservatet in Tversted or visit the picturesque town Skagen to the north with Grenen, where the two seas Skagerrak and Kattegat meet – just to mention a few examples of interesting things to do at the top of Denmark.