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Holiday in a holiday home in Hulsig

Hulsig is a village situated in a quiet and scenic area, close to the east coast of Jutland and a few kilometres south of Skagen. Our holiday homes in Hulsig are close attractions, great golf courses and beautiful beaches.

The gentle waves and shallow water along Kattegat at the east coast make the soft, sandy beaches ideal for children. Many beaches in this area have a Blue Flag certificate and along the coast there are lots of places suitable for angling. On the west coast, facing the North Sea, the waves are a bit bigger and the water gets deep closer to the beaches. The current is also stronger than on the east coast, making it more fun to swim here – but this should be done with caution and respect for the forces of nature. The nature around Hulsig is ideal if you want an active holiday, for example with cycling, horse riding, hiking, sailing, surfing, angling and much more. Further north of Hulsig, on the way to Skagen, you find the Heath of Hulsig, a dune heath which is protected due to its unique nature. The landscape here is truly fascinating and certainly worth a visit, maybe by using the excellent bicycle path from Hulsig to Skagen. The path is asphalted and 10 km long. If you didn’t bring a bicycle, there are bicycle rental outlets in Skagen (at the train station and by the harbour).

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The Blue Flag beach at Hulsig faces Kattegat on the east coast. It is car free and ideal for families with its soft sand and shallow water . South of Hulsig there is a very popular “playground” for children and grown-ups: Farm Fun in Ålbæk with a lot of exciting activities and where you can meet and pet animals such as kangaroos, goats, llamas and pot-bellied pigs to mention a few. 

A holiday home in Hulsig is also close to many of the attractions in Northern Jutland, making it a good base for an excursion to, for example EagleWorld in Tversted. Other places perfect for a day trip are Skagen or Den Tilsandede Kirke (The Buried Church), the church situated a few kilometres southwest of Skagen. The church was built in the 14th century and named after Saint Lawrence, patron saint of seafarers and the town Skagen. Beginning in the 18th century the church was partially buried by sand coming from a nearby coastal dune. Each time a service was to be held, the entrance had to be dug out by the congregation. Finally, in 1795, the church was abandoned and demolished, leaving only the tower. 

The village Hulsig is also close to the famous migrating coastal dune Råbjerg Mile which moves about 15 metres annually. The desert-like Råbjerg Mile is about 1 square kilometre big and has migrated 1500 metres eastwards the last 110 years. Here you also find small carnivorous sundew plants. In a holiday home in Hulsig you are also close to two seas, about 1 km from Kattegat (east) and 3 km from Skagerrak (west). It’s easy to get to Hulsig even without a car. There is a bicycle path from Frederikshavn to Skagen passing Hulsig, and the local train from Frederikshavn to Skagen stops in Hulsig.