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Frederikshavn is a bit like a big city and through the city centre runs one of Denmark’s longest pedestrian streets. Along the street, and in its side streets, you will find a diversity of shops, all kinds of restaurants and cosy cafés.
To the north the white sandy beaches stretch as far as the eye can see. One of the beaches is the exotic Palm Beach in the northern part of Frederikshavn with its palm trees, beach volleyball courts, barbecue area, disabled access and perfect bathing conditions for children. A little further up the coast you’ll find Bratten beach, which also has access for disabled and a Blue Flag certificate.

To the south the coastal road winds along the salt marshes and past spots that are perfect for angler fishing.

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From the hills of Pikkerbakken at the southern edge of the town, a 2-km long path, Dronningestien, runs out to Bangsbo Fort, which is a German bunker installation from the Second World War. Visit the bunkers and see the huge cannons from the frigate Niels Juel. From here you have a unique view of the east coast and the sea, Kattegat.

This area is part of the Bangsbo district, which also contains Bangsbo with its museum, botanical gardens and wildlife park with red deer, roe deer and fallow deer – and a cosy restaurant at Møllehuset. At the nature playground you can enjoy the sight of the wildlife, have a picnic or light up a barbecue.

And, when in this part of Denmark you have to visit Skagen, the idyllic town that has been attracting visitors for centuries with its special atmosphere and unique location at the most northerly tip of Denmark. This jolly seaside town is a charming combination of arts museums and galleries, a busy harbour, soft sandy beaches, small shops and restaurants and the distinctively yellow houses with their red roofs framed by white lace-like decorations.