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Beaches, Bunkers, Amber and the blue sea

Beaches Bunkers, Amber and the blue sea – this, and much more awaits you at the top of Denmark. Enjoy the wide beaches of northern Jutland. Here you won’t just find sand as far as the eye can see, but also a wide ocean that stretches out before you, seemingly endless. A true natural wonder. Soak up the fresh air and wonderful views from one of the many beaches at the top of Denmark. Go for a walk along the beach, and keep an eye out for amber, hiding in the water’s edge., has a large selection of holiday homes close to the ocean and the beaches.

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Holiday homes by the sea
Hunting for amber

Beach finds

You have excellent chances of finding some “Danish Gold” at the coasts of north Jutland. The best conditions for finding amber are after stormy days, and preferably in the morning, especially in the autumn and winter. If you are not in the mood to go looking for amber yourself or if the weather it too bad, you can still look at amber in one of the local amber museums, amber polisher or a gallery. These are found in some of North Jutland's cities. Here you can learn much more about amber, admire it and of course also buy it. Additionally, some of these polishers also offer the opportunity to transform your found amber into a small piece of jewellery.

Hunt for treasure on the beaches of north Jutland. Amber is not the only “treasure” to be found on the Danish beaches, if you are lucky, you might find fossilized sea creatures, seashells and much more.

Good luck on your next hunt for amber.

Bunkers along the Danish coast

You can experience a truly unique nature along the coast of North Jutland, and amidst this beautiful nature you will find numerous World War 2 bunkers, which to this day remain as a memorial to Denmark’s occupation by the Germans from 1940 to 1945.

Bunker near Skagen – Vippefyret

Close to Skagen, between the Grey Lighthouse and the Vippefyr, the Germans build a large coastal artillery bunker, with four 120 mm battery guns, each in their own dedicated bunker, as well as a large number of bunkers for the troops, ammunition and tech. Today, the sea has washed away so much of the sand that half of the bunkers are positioned in the middle of the beach. The Two-storey Fire-control bunker, from where the guns were being commanded, is located in the dunes above the beach.

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Bunker near Frederikshavn – Bangsbo Fort

In 1940 the German Occupation forces built a large artillery battery as well as an anti-aircraft battery on the 82 meter high Pikkerbakke in the outskirts of Frederikshavn. The two batteries were later expanded on, with a radar station as well as a communications station. In the present day, large section of the bunker act as the Bangsbo Fort Bunker Museum. Three of the original 150 mm cannons are still mounted at their original spot to this day.

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Bunker in Bunken Klitplantage

In the year 1944, the Germans established a number of smaller coastal artillery batteries with light concrete structures, to bridge the gaps between the larger heavily fortified installations. One of these batteries was well hidden between the dunes and pine trees of Bunken plantation. Today you can see the majority of the 13 bunkers and clearly see how they were adapted to the surrounding nature. When visiting the site today, it is difficult to imagine that at one time around 110 German soldiers lived here.

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When you are on holiday in north Jutland, we strongly recommend you go on an adventure along the coast of Denmark. The history and nature of the area go hand in hand. One thing is clear when you book a holiday home at the beach at, you can expect countless experiences at the top of Denmark.


For those who love the beautiful amber

Those who love the beautiful amber, but not storms or early mornings, also have plenty of options:
Amber museums, workshops and galleries can be found in many villages and towns at the Top of Denmark.
You can learn more about amber, admire beautiful jewellery and buy amber art/jewellery from one of the many galleries in the area.
Some of the galleries offer custom jewellery made for you - maybe with amber you found at the beach...

Amber & Beaches

Ravsliberen in Sæby
A piece of amber jewellery is maybe the best souvenir from Sæby. You are welcome to visit us in the workshop. See our amber work and maybe have custom jewellery made for you. You find us next to the tourist office.

Rav-værkstedet in Mygdal 
At Rav-Værkstedet (The Amber Workshop) in Mygdal you can see a large selection of unique amber art and jewellery.  Welcome to our shop.


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