Amber & beaches

You have a good chance of finding amber along the coasts at the Top of Denmark.

The chances of finding "sea gold" are best on days after a storm, or strong wind - and preferably early in the morning.

Amber & Beaches

For those who love the beautiful amber

Those who love the beautiful amber, but not storms or early mornings, also have plenty of options:
Amber museums, workshops and galleries can be found in many villages and towns at the Top of Denmark.
You can learn more about amber, admire beautiful jewellery and buy amber art/jewellery from one of the many galleries in the area.
Some of the galleries offer custom jewellery made for you - maybe with amber you found at the beach...

Amber & Beaches

Ravsliberen in Sæby
A piece of amber jewellery is maybe the best souvenir from Sæby. You are welcome to visit us in the workshop. See our amber work and maybe have custom jewellery made for you. You find us next to the tourist office.

Rav-værkstedet in Mygdal 
At Rav-Værkstedet (The Amber Workshop) in Mygdal you can see a large selection of unique amber art and jewellery.  Welcome to our shop.

Ravgården in Lønstrup
At Ravgården you can visit the workshop, an amber museum and the shop with jewellery among other things.


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