Rubjerg Knude and Mårup Kirke

The only sand-covered lighthouse in the world is expected to fall into the sea before the year 2020. The North Sea is slowly removing bits of the coastline west of the lighthouse, and now there is only a few metres left. This dramatic fate could not have been foreseen when the lighthouse was built in 1900.
In 1968, when the lighthouse could not be seen from sea anymore, the lights were switched off and now it is just waiting for the sea to engulf it.
The formation of dunes is rough in this area, and around the lighthouse at Rubjerg Knude it is particularly evident.
See it for yourself before it is gone!

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Rubjerg Knude

Within a few years the lighthouse will fall into the sea. Now is the time to see it yourself. A staircase has been built, making it possible to get to the top of the lighthouse, and the lantern has been replaced by a prism kaleidoscope that creates an amazing light inside the building.

Rubjerg Knude

Near the town Lønstrup you find the migrating dune Rubjerg Knude. In this area on the west coast, the coastline is dramatic with steep cliffs. The inexorable sea gnaws away at the coastline here – and every year several metres of land are lost to the sea.


Soon after the lighthouse was built, the problems started. Nearby buildings acted as shelters, preventing the sand’s further migration and causing large dune formations around the lighthouse. It did not take long for the sand to destroy the lighthouse manager’s garden, fill the well and later to hide the guiding light from the sea.

The North Sea is getting closer and closer. In 1992, the authorities gave up the fight with the sea and now we can only wait for the inevitable to happen.


Mårup Kirke

South of Lønstrup the sea is also gnawing away. The Church ‘Mårup Kirke’ was built here in the 13th century, but is now gone.
The church was built 2 kilometres from the coast, but the North Sea is getting closer every day. The authorities started demounting the church in 2008, and in 2015 Mårup Kirke was gone. Only the graveyard, with the graves, were left and will eventually fall into the sea…



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