Beaches in the Lønstrup area

In the Lønstrup area you have mile after mile of wonderful beaches and rounded dunes. The beaches are very popular and has White Flag certificates, indicating clean water, good facilities and that cars and dogs are allowed on the beach. Sunsets over Skagerrak is something you don’t want to miss.

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Beaches in the Lønstrup area

The Lønstrup beaches are very popular in summer as well as winter – for swimming, sunbathing, horse-riding, long walks, angler fishing and much more. Cars are allowed on the broad beaches and if you drive south on the beach from Lønstrup, you come to chaming Nr. Lyngby.

Beaches in the Lønstrup area

The beautiful beach at Skallerup Klit attracts people all year around. They come here to enjoy the sun, swim, hike and horse-riding on the beach. Skallerup Klit beach is also a good place for fishing.

Just north of Lønstrup you find a broad sandy beach, Nørlev beach. Cars are allowed on the beach, making it ideal for families with small children and disabled persons.

A few kilometres south of Lønstrup lies the charming village Nr. Lyngby. Just south of Nr. Lyngby there is a fantastic, child-friendly sandy beach. This area is also a favourite for paragliders and perfect for an active holiday.


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