Løkken area beaches

In Løkken you find one of the best beaches in Northern Europe.  The white beach huts, placed like beads on a string, is a landmark for this classic Danish seaside resort. The beach is 10 kilometres long, but changes its character when you go north. Close to Løkken you have child-friendly beaches and on the way north, towards Lønstrup, paragliders gather because of favourable upwinds close to the coastline’s steep slopes.

Featured Holiday homes near beaches in Løkken

In Løkken most beaches can be accessed by car

There are car-free zones on the Løkken area beaches, but access by car is allowed on many beaches. From Løkken town you can drive southward on the beach - all the way to Blokhus. Along the coastline lies German bunkers from the Second World War.

Summer nights on Løkken beach you can enjoy the beautiful sunset over the North Sea, but in the winter the sea shows its wild side with high waves and sea foam flying over the beach. In summer you sometimes can by freshly caught fish directly from the fishermen landing in Løkken.

Løkken area beaches

Løkken beach is one of the best in Northern Europe - child-friendly and known for its white beach huts. Fishermen still pull their boats on shore here, and sometimes you can buy freshly caught fish on the beach.
In summer you can relax and enjoy the view over the sea and beautiful sunsets from Løkken pier. In wintertime the sea is often raging,sending white sea foam flying over the  dunes and Løkken town - you can even taste sea salt in the air.


The beach at Grønhøj and Kettrup Bjerge is wide, with white sand all the way up to the dunes. People come here all around the year. In the summer it’s popular with families, enjoying the sun and the child-friendly surroung.
Wintertime people come here to hike, or for a refreshing walk, before returning to the warmth of the holiday home’s wood burning stove. On a clear day you can see for miles and miles.

From the lovely holiday home area at Furreby you can walk to the white beach. Because of the slopes in this area, there are stairs leading to Furreby beach. The cliff Lønstrup Klint begins at Furreby, ending 15 kilometres north up the coast at Lønstrup. The steep coastline here is very popular with paragliders, who take advantage of the upwinds along the slope.


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