Family Vacation in North Jutland

North Jutland is a very attractive holiday destination for the entire family. Wherever you choose to book a house at the top of Denmark, attractions and activities are always close by. The top of Denmark offers a relaxing holiday for the entire family, without long commutes, and everything is generally reachable within a one-hour drive. The Holiday homes by and in Skagen, Frederikshavn and Sæby offer very easy access to grocery stores and the many beaches of north Jutland. A family vacation in north Jutland is relaxing.

Vacation with Kids

One of the benefits of a holiday in North Jutland, is that you never have to drive very far. Everything in North Jutland close by so you don't have to worry about shopping or entertainment. In addition, North Jutland has a large selection of experiences to be had in nature, such as beaches, forests, desert and long coastal stretches. Here you will find rich opportunities for the whole family to explore, and there is plenty of potential to simply relax as well.

One of the unique biomes in North Jutland, is the Danish desert of Råbjerg Mile. Råbjerg mile is a huge creeping sand dune, which slowly moves across the land, and creates a truly unique nature around it. If you want to know more about Råbjerg Mile, click here.

Should you choose to visit Råbjerg Mile, you will not only have to opportunity to see the beautiful nature around it, but also witness the destructive forces of nature, and see the scar it has left across the land. A typical and very popular place to visit in this context, is the from the 14. Century, which is better known as the sand buried church (Den Tilsandede Kirke). A visit to the sand buried church is an interesting trip for the entire family, and the church stands as a reminder of a time where the drifting of sand was a true problem.

If you fancy a trip to the beach, you have in a really good selection of sandy and child-friendly beaches along the Danish east coast. Unlike the water ocean at the west coast, the east coast beaches have very calm water that makes it great to swim in. If you don’t want to get wet, you can still enjoy the fresh air and the sunshine

If you do not want to swim, you can sunbathe on the beach and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine while your children play in the sand or in the water's edge. If you want to know more about the North Jutland beaches, click here.


Attractions and Activities for the whole Family

In North Jutland you will find a large selection of exciting attractions for all members of the family. Whatever your interests are, you are bound to find the right activity for you. North Jutland has a wealth of activities as well as attractions and generally offers many things to do.

The Top of Denmark offers a wide variety of beautiful landscapes, which in and of themselves are worth exploring. A great way to experience nature is by cycling through the countryside. On the bike you can not only enjoy the fresh air, but also the amazing nature.

If the children are a little bigger, you can go on a mountain bike trip and visit one of the many official tracks spread around the countryside of North Jutland. On this link you can find everything that is relevant to your MTB excursion on your holiday in North Jutland.

Aalborg Zoo - precious experiences all year round

Aalborg Zoo is a great destination for family holidays. It is an experience for the whole family, not just children. Here they have a large selection of exciting animals, from Ara parrots and Lions to the Zebra. Here the whole family can have a great day, with many exciting and exotic animals. If you find yourself in need of a break and some food, you can eat in one of the two eateries, buy a sandwich in the Playground kiosk or eat your packed lunch.

North Sea Oceanarium

Scandinavia’s largest aquarium, the North Sea Oceanarium, is located on the west coast of North Jutland, in Hirtshals. The North Sea Oceanarium offers a fine blend of learning and play that is presented through various activities that are fun and educational for children as well as for adults. In addition to the Oceanarium, there is also a sealarium and an outdoor area with a playground and a café. The North Sea Oceanarium shifts focus on various themes based around the North Sea. They have daily feeding with divers in the large Oceanarium. Twice a day, the seals are fed in the seal colony.

Fårup Sommerland

Near the beach at Blokhus and Løkken but still in the middle of the forest you will find the amusement park Fårup Sommerland. Fårup Sommerland is one of Northern Jutland's biggest attractions for tourists. Here you will find a large selection of wild, fun and crazy activities for the whole family. Wild slides, water park - a children's waterland with more than 60 rides. After paid entrance, all the park's rides are free.

Reasons for a vacation in North Jutland

There are many reasons why North Jutland is the perfect place for a family holiday. As parents, you can have a very relaxed holiday, where you are close to everything, whether it is shopping opportunities, city life, nature experiences, amusement parks or just plain relaxation.

Walking along the beach, or when the weather permits it, sunbathing at the beach and soaking in the water means pure relaxation for the whole family. The beaches at the east coast of north Jutland, are known for being especially child friendly, due to the calmness of the Kattegat. The northern Sea, on the west coast of Denmark, is more turbulent than Kattegat, however some of the beaches here, are still child friendly.

Experiences for children

If the children are tired of looking at historical monuments and museums, then there are also several attractions that are targeted at children but still offer a good experience for everyone in the family.

Farm Fun - Ålbæk

Farm Fun is fun for the whole family. On a huge scenic area with woods and fields you will find more than 500 animals and birds, many of which can be petted. You also can have fun with bouncy cushions, swings, a large straw house with cable car, suspension bridge, fishing boats and much more. Farm Fun is only 200 meters from a child-friendly beach, where you can go on tractor excursions.

Teddy Museum - Skagen

The Teddy Museum in Skagen, is Scandinavia's oldest of its kind. Here you can see all kinds of teddy bears, and many of them have a historical background. The bears live in their very own world, in the old Skagen house, and as a guest you can come and see them do everything from playing, painting and eating to sunbathing on the beach. In addition, the Teddy museum shows some of Skagen's history in a child-friendly way, where for example. The history of the Skagen painters has been translated into “teddy” language.

Skagen Teddy Museum is Denmark's nicest little museum, where every single teddy bear has a unique story to tell.

Free Experiences

Activities and experiences on your holiday in North Jutland need not be expensive. Many of the historical monuments can be visited without having to pay entrance fees.

Vippefyret and Rubjerg Knude are two examples of free attractions at the top of Denmark, and the local tourist office is always capable of providing you with more inspiration.

Experiences in Nature

In the Top of Denmark there are also many experiences in nature, that can be enjoyed by everyone and they are free. The nature in North Jutland is very varied, here you can find everything from heathland to desert landscapes. Råbjerg mile, the desert of North Jutland, is Scandinavia’s largest migrating sand dune. Click here for more information about Råbjerg Mile

If you are on a trip with a teenager, we recommend that you go on a mountain bike trip and visit one of the many super MTB tracks in North Jutland. Of course, it doesn't have to be quite as action packed, and you could also just go for a calm bike ride through the nature of North Jutland. Click here to read more about bike tours and bicycle rentals in North Jutland, and if there are still questions, you can always find us in the tourist offices.

If you lack more inspiration for your holiday with children in North Jutland, we have a whole section dedicated to activities in North Jutland, click here for direct access.


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