Skallerup is an area with beautiful beaches and an amazing nature. The impact of the wild winds from the North Sea can be seen all around the nature along the beach, where the lyme grass is thriving, and the trees are all pointing towards land. Here, you can enjoy long walks along the North Sea, exercise, and last but not least, visit one of the biggest wellness resorts in the Nordic regions. Many families visit this area, due to the art and culture that can be found in Lønstrup, while still being its own oasis of amusements for kids and those who are young at heart. Among the experiences here are the animal farm, where people of all ages can have a good time, as well as the many opportunities for riding along the beach on horseback.

Featured holiday homes in Skallerup
Holiday homes in the beautiful Skallerup

Behind the dunes are green hills as far as the eye can see

The sea has formed nature and life in Lønstrup and Skallerup in more than one way. For centuries, a rough North Sea has put food on the table for people in Lønstrup. At the same time, the sea ‘gnaws’ at the coastline – taking a few metres of land every year. On the outskirts of Lønstrup you can see the ruins of Mårup Kirkegård, dangerously close to the slope and the sea. Further south is the migrating dune ‘Rubjerg Knude’, where the lighthouse is slowly being buried under sand and expected to fall into the sea before 2020. From Rubjerg Knude you have a fantastic view of the beautiful landscape – many artists find inspiration here. The Lønstrup area is known for its rich cultural life with galleries and arts & crafts workshops.


Activities, nature and gastronomy

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