Nr. Lyngby

Here at Nr. Lyngby, about 10 kilometres south of Lønstrup, the struggle between land and sea is obvious. The waves and the west wind turn land into sea, leaving a steep (but beautiful) coastline. The most dramatic evidence lies just north of Nr. Lyngby, where the lighthouse at Rubjerg Knude is expected to fall into the sea before year 2020. This area is a favourite for paragliders and perfect for an active holiday with hiking through dunes, forests and plantations. Just south of Nr. Lyngby there is a fantastic, child-friendly sandy beach. Book you holiday home in Nr. Lyngby here at

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Nr. Lyngby is an old fishing village, constantly struggling with the voracious sea. Today there is no professional fishing activity in the village, but a reminiscence of old days are the fisherman cottages along the road. In this area, the sea takes 1 to 3 metres of land every year, and Nr. Lyngby is mostly known for the buildings about to fall into the water – ‘the houses by the sea’. In 1914, the old village church was moved inland and now lies protected by trees about 1 kilometre from the coast. The graveyard and the bell tower was left behind and are slowly getting closer to the sea. As the coastline recedes, bunkers built by the Germans during World War II appear.



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