Just north of Lønstrup there is a broad sandy beach called Nørlev Strand. Here you can enter the beach by car - not having to carry your things for a long distance. This beach is very popular in summer as well as winter – for sunbathing, swimming, long walks, horse-riding, angler fishing and much more. All our holiday homes in this area lie within walking distance from the wonderful beach.

Featured holiday homes in Nørlev
Holiday homes in the beautiful Nørlev

Formed by the sea and the wind

At Nørlev, the landscape is dominated by dunes with heather and wild rose bushes, forests and farmland. The sea and the wind has formed the landscape, creating dunes and heathland which is now protected. Entering the protected area is allowed if following the marked paths.

After a stormy, or very windy, day you may find amber on the beach. On not so windy days you should take the opportunity and enjoy the beautiful sunset over the North Sea. With a holiday home in Nørlev you are also close to the lovely towns Lønstrup, Skallerup and Tornby.




Activities, nature and gastronomy

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