Lønstrup town

During the summer months, Lønstrup is buzzing with life. Walking through the crooked streets with the small, old fisherman cottages, in addition to the many galleries and artisan shops, you can find a broad selection of unique and personal stores. There are no major chain of retail stores in Lønstrup, only local businesses, each with their own passion. This is also true for the many cafés and restaurants, all locally driven, and with a wide selection of dining experiences, from the cozy and informal, to gourmet dining.

Nature is always present in town, and you can usually hear the soothing sounds of the North Sea. On the highest point in town, stairs descent to the beach, which is car-free, and with lots of room for beach activities and a swim in the sea. During the winter season, Lønstrup is known for being peaceful and quiet. You can truly feel the presence of the rough and pristine nature, which provides opportunities for unique nature experiences and finding tranquility. The summer and winter months are vastly different in Lønstrup. Both provides the opportunity for amazing experiences, and during the entire year, Lønstrup has unique nature, inspiring art, and a sense of coziness and presence. We are very proud of our little pearl, and wishes everyone a wonderful stay in Lønstrup.


Featured holiday homes in Lønstrup town
Holiday homes in the beautiful Lønstrup town

The powerful forces and the art

In the middle of the rough nature that identifies Lønstrup and its inhabitants, art and handicrafts is blossoming. The powers of nature nourishes creativity and art, and the artisans who find inspiration in the nature, the air, and the in the light of this little town are unique. Lønstrup is the only place in Denmark where it is possible to find such a high concentration of active artisan workshops. During the 1970’s the first artisans came to Lønstrup, and they have been one of the most important factors in keeping the town together, and making it an attractive place to visit. New generations of artisans are now coming to town, making history of their own, together in Lønstrup.

The townscape is influenced by the many artists open workspaces. Here, you can observe how glass is shaped in beautiful colors, how a lump of clay is taking shape on the potter’s wheel, and how precious metals are turned into unique jewelry. The artisans creates with natures material, beautiful shapes and colors. They are inspired by the raw materials found in the nearby nature, the unique lighting in the region, and the sometimes-powerful forces of nature.

Activities, nature and gastronomy

The beautiful and grandiose nature of Lønstrup provides unique opportunities for activities. Many routes in and around Lønstrup are great for hiking. “Nordsøstien” and “Hærvejen” are very lengthy routes that both pass through the area and can be combined with locale routes, where you can experience the local histories of the area. If you should want to enjoy nature from horseback, there are several opportunities to do so, and the “Danske Riderute”, a route especially suited for experiencing on horseback, passes through Lønstrup and onwards to Nørlev and Kjærsgaard. In this terrain you can ride in plantation, inland dunes and on lengthy, sandy beaches.

The terrain is also very suitable for biking, both for regular biking and mountain biking, and offers unique experiences combined with exercise. The national biking route “Vestkystruten” passes through the area, and the Thornby plantation offers mountain bike routes loaded with challenges. Skallerup Seaside Resort is found just three kilometers from Lønstrup, with wellness, a water park, and other activities for the whole family. Just outside Lønstrup is Vennebjerg Golfing Club, which offers many challenges on the beautiful green. Thus, there are numerous opportunities to enjoy nature and the soughing sounds of the North Sea.

Every year, the North Sea is devouring parts of the cliffs around Lønstrup. Numerous holiday houses have lost the fight against nature, but also cultural attractions such as Mårup Church and Rubjerg Knude Lighthouse are affected. Several meters of coastline vanishes every year, which means that Lønstrup and the houses within are getting closer and closer to the edge. Every year, coastal protection worth several million kroners is established. Some of the sand devoured by the sea is gathered and returned to the cliffs of Lønstrup. Due to the coastal protection close to Harrerenden, the broad beach is lost, but in return, the cliffs and the nature behind them are preserved. However, this also means that the North Sea is moving further inland, and today, vacation homes are hanging over the edge, almost falling into the sea north of Lønstrup.

Just as the art and artisanship blossoms in Lønstrup, so does the culinary experiences. Lønstrup has many cozy cafés and restaurants. Walking through the main street, with all its twists and turns, one can find a rich selection of good places to eat, for lunch or dinner. Lønstrup has everything, from small and cozy cafés, to prestigious gourmet restaurants. There is something for everyone, and with the North Sea as a neighbor, fish and shellfish are plentiful. During the summer season, it is possible to dine outside at all the cafés and restaurants, which offers both a unique view to the sea or a cozy town atmosphere, often with live music. There are no nightclubs in Lønstrup, but in return several cafés and restaurants offers live music during the summer season, which gives an amazing and intimate experience of the town. Around town, several local farms provide the local cafés and restaurants with produce. Tourists and locals can purchase fresh and locally grown produce from roadside stalls, and locally raised cattle, poultry and free-range pigs can be bought directly from the breeders.


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