In the rough nature of Northern Jutland's coast facing the North Sea, lies the old fishing town of Lønstrup, a true pearl with a very special atmosphere. For generations, the people of Lønstrup have been provided for by the wild North Sea, the same sea that is now slowly eating away the cliffs on which the town is located. In the midst of this beautiful and rough nature, art and artisanship is flourishing, giving the town a very special feeling and atmosphere that you cannot find elsewhere. The many artists and artisans who live here, have active workshops. Here, it is possible to see how they work, and how the old traditions of the crafts are still used today. Drop by and have a chat about the art and the work as an artisan. Everyone has a unique and exciting story to tell. Book your holiday home in Lønstrup here.

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More than 120 holiday homes in the beautiful area at Lønstrup

With its location by the North Sea, Lønstrup is the essence of Denmark with "Dannebrog" waving in the fresh wind. The area is a small haven for both young and old people with activities for all tastes.

A small fishing village with a unique atmosphere 

At Lønstrup you can truly experience the enormous powers of the wild North Sea. In Lønstrup Town you will find galleries and craftsmen. In Nr. Lyngby you can see the brave paragliders jumping out of the steep slopes, in Skallerup you can go for long walks by the sea and at Nørlev beach you can park your car with all your equipment right on the beach and thus have everything within your reach. Read more about the areas with holiday homes in and around Lønstrup.

Activities, nature and gastronomy

The beautiful and grandiose nature of Lønstrup provides unique opportunities for activities. Many routes in and around Lønstrup are great for hiking. “Nordsøstien” and “Hærvejen” are routes that both pass through the area and let you experience the local histories of the area. If you want to enjoy nature from horseback, there are several opportunities to do so, and the "Danske Riderute", a route especially suited for experiencing on horseback, passes through Lønstrup and onwards to Nørlev and Kjærsgaard. In this terrain you can ride in plantation, inland dunes and on sandy beaches.

In the middle of the rough nature

In the middle of the rough nature that identifies Lønstrup and its inhabitants, art and handicrafts is blossoming. The powers of nature nourish creativity and art, and the artisans who find inspiration in the nature and the in the light of this little town are unique. Lønstrup is the only place in Denmark where it is possible to find such a high concentration of active artisan workshops.

During the 1970’s the first artisans came to Lønstrup, and they have been one of the most important factors in keeping the town together, and making it an attractive place to visit. New generations of artisans are now coming to town, making history of their own.

The townscape is influenced by the many artists' open workspaces. Here, you can observe how glass is shaped in beautiful colors, how a lump of clay is taking shape on the potter’s wheel, and how precious metals are turned into unique jewellery.

They are inspired by the raw materials found in the nearby nature, the unique lighting in the region, and the forces of nature.


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