The idyllic holiday home area Furreby lies just north of Løkken and close to the beach. Through this peaceful area runs a small creek, and if you pass it on one of the bridges you will reach the centre of Løkken in 10 minutes on foot. Furreby used to be a village with its own church, but now it’s more or less merged with Løkken.

Featured holiday homes in Furreby
Holiday homes in the beautiful Furreby
Activities, nature and gastronomy

The beautiful coast area bids you welcome

Lønstrup Klint (cliff) begins at Furreby and ends 15 kilometres north up the coast at Lønstrup. The coastline here is very popular with paragliders, who take advantage of the upwinds along the slope. At Rubjerg Knude, the highest point of Lønstrup Klint, ­­­­­­­­­­­you find one of this area's main attractions - the lighthouse standing very close to the edge and expected to be engulfed by the sea before 2020.




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