Løkken is a classic Danish seaside resort with one of the best beaches in Northern Europe. This beach is also famous for the white beach huts, placed like beads on a string and known as “the white village”. The white village is one of Løkken’s landmarks, and another fascinating landmark in the Løkken area is the lighthouse at Rubjerg Knude which, due to the forces of nature, is about to be engulfed by the sea. Near Saltum, a bit south of Løkken, you’ll find the very popular amusement park ‘Fårup Sommerland’. We have holiday homes in Løkken and surrounding areas.

Featured holiday homes in Løkken
More than 100 holiday homes in the beautiful area at Løkken

The holiday homes in and around Løkken are located in one of Denmark's most beautiful areas. The city has an almost Mediterranean atmosphere in the central square with specialty shops, restaurants and cafés. South of the city ou will find a the beautiful holiday resort with long, wide sandy beaches and a great nature - ideal for families. North of Løkken is Furreby with the many nice holiday homes and a magnificent view of the Løkken city and the beautiful monastery Børglum Kloster.

Mediterranean city vibe and dramatic scenery

The Løkken area has a bit of everything. 5 km north of the city you will find Nr. Lyngby, where you can experience the cliff's battle against the sea. Take a hike by the 10 km long Lønstrup Klint and be impressed by the courageous paragliders. South of Løkken you will find the holiday resorts Grønhøj and Kettrup Mountains and lovely white wide sandy beaches. Here, both kids and grown ups can splash in the fresh waves or enjoy the sun in the sheltering dunes. In the middle lies Løkken with its wonderful restaurants and a very special atmosphere that will remind you of Southern Europe.

Activities, nature and gastronomy

Do you need a a break from the trips to the beach, or is the weather more fit for indoor experiences? Løkken offers plenty of different activities and experiences.

For example, you will find the North Sea Oceanarium in Hirtshals, only half an hour from Løkken. It is one of Denmark's biggest tourist attractions with marine aquarium, sealarium and a contemporary museum. At North Shore Surf you can take a course in surfing, stand up paddeling etc. When you get hungry there are many wonderful restaurants to choose from.

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