About 15 kilometres east of Hirtshals lies Tversted, a peaceful village with large holiday home areas on both sides. Tversted beach is located in the bay “Tannisbugt” and has one of the best beaches in the area. In Tversted, you will have a relaxing holiday, surrounded by beautiful countryside.

Tversted dune plantation is northern Jutland's oldest plantation of this kind and a very popular tourist attraction. There are observation towers, a natural playground, a picnic shelter with fireplace and, additionally, shelters to spend the night under a dry roof. Dogs are always welcome on a leash here - and in the fenced dog area they can run and play unleashed.

Featured holiday homes in Tversted

Holiday homes in the beautiful Tversted

The way a holiday is meant to be

In Tversted the holiday atmosphere is authentic and you are surrounded by wonderful nature. This area is also known as the home of many artists and craftsmen. You can visit them at their galleries and workshops, and maybe get a nice souvenir. Tversted Klitplantage is the oldest dune plantion in the region with nature observation posts, outdoor playgrounds and overnight shelters. The plantation is very popular place for an outdoor day, sometimes with a picnic.

Other popular activities are canoeing in the stream 'Uggerby Å', sea kayaking at Tversted and biking along the coast, the many cycling routes or mountainbiking in forests and plantations.

Autumn is a good season to go hunting for amber. Early mornings after a storm you have the best chances of finding the "Nordic gold" - look for heaps of seaweed, twigs etc, where the amber likes to "hide".

Activities, nature and gastronomy

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