The vacation home area Kjul is a small scenic gem east of Hirtshals with Lilleheden Klitplantage (dune plantation) on one side and Uggerby Klitplantage on the other. The area slopes down to the beach from where you can see the port of Hirtshals. In Kjul the holiday homes are scattered widely and the beach is just within walking or cycling distance.

At Kjul the White-Flag waves every year, a certification of good bathing water quality, dog friendliness and the opportunity to also take the car down to the beach. Kjul beach is located in the "Tannisbugt" bay and provides child-friendly waters. Kjul Strand is also a popular destination for windsurfers when wind and water offer the right conditions.

In Lilleheden and Uggerby dune plantations attract the guests of this beautiful holiday area with different trails and tracks for horse riding, bicycling or hiking.

Featured holiday homes in Kjul

Holiday homes in the beautiful Kjul strand

Activities, nature and gastronomy

Get close to nature at the Danish west coast

Every year Kjul Strand can hoist a white flag, a special flag for the Danish northeast coast, ensuring good water quality and that cars and dogs are allowed on the beach. Kjul lies at the bay Tannisbugt where bathing conditions are child-friendly. Kjul Strand is also a favourite among windsurfers.

People come to the holiday home area at Kjul Strand for a lovely holiday and to get an energy boost. The nature here at Kjul is rough and beautiful at the same time - the dune plantations and the beach are perfect for long walks in the refreshing sea air. In the landscape there are several bicycle routes.



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